Wednesday, August 10, 2022


Welcome OG, new, returning and crash n burning R & B Yogis! I don't know about you, but love and relationships haven't been my focus over the past few years. Even before the pandemic, I turned my focus inward to concentrate on my own healing and reflect on the energy that I attract and I am attracted to and why. It was much needed work but after years of isolation from the pandemonium, my heart is open to the possibility of love. At the very least, my personal relationships could use some improvement. The kriya that we will be doing over the next 40 days helps to attract love, build positive relationships, and enhance sleep. 

TO BEGIN: Sit in easy pose with your legs, rub your hands together. Press your thumbs against your sternum holding your hands in prayer pose. Roll your eyes in and up towards your third-eye. If you are unable to sit in "easy pose," you may sit on a sturdy chair and cross your feet underneath your chair. 

On two breaths, chant the opening mantra ONG NA MA GURU DEV NAMO which means I bow to the infinite wisdom within. Do this 3 times. For the proper cadence and pronunciation, listen here. If you like what you hear, you can purchase my mantra music on Bandcamp.

MUDRA: Place your hands on your lap in Buddha Mudra with the right hand sitting in your left with your thumbs touching. 

FOCUS: Eyes are slightly open and the focus is on the tip of the nose.

BREATH: Inhaling in four equal parts while mentally project Sa-Ta-Na-Ma. Hold the breath and mentally project Sa-Ta-Na-Ma four more times. Then exhale in two parts, mentally projecting WAHE on the first wave and GURU on the second.

MANTRA: Sa-Ta-Na-Ma Wahe Guru 

Sa Ta Na Ma mantra is used to increase intuition, balance the hemispheres of the brain, and create a destiny for someone when there is none.

Wahe Guru is a mantra of the infinity of ecstasy and dwelling in the Divine. It is the Infinite teacher of the soul.

These mantras together

SA=Infinity, cosmos, beginning.TA=Life, existence.NA=Death.MA=Rebirth. WAHE=the indescribable joy of…GURU=going from darkness to light.

TIME: 15 Minutes. 

The best time to practice this kriya is every night before bed. If it is practiced regularly, sleep will be deep and relaxed and the nerves will regenerate. After a few months, the rhythm of your breath as you sleep will be subconsciously regulated in the same rhythm! You will think better, work better, share better, love better and fight better. This rhythmic mantra will eventually progress so that even in daily activities you will automatically hear the mantra and take on the breath rhythm.
Mystically, the effect is understood in numerology. The number 11 is the number of Infinity in the world of material and the conqueror of the physical realm. The number 22 is the Infinite number of longing and mastery over the mental realm. The breath is regulated in 22 beats and gives the mind the power to stretch to the Infinite.
There cannot be enough praise of this meditation and its growth promoting effect on the personality. It gives radiance and the radiance gives patience which is the first condition of real Love. In Love you give without attention to all the mistakes of another as the sun gives light and warmth to all people. The incorporation of this practical universality in the personality comes with the disciplined practice of Shabd Kriya.
TO FINISH: Repeat the Warrior Healer's Affirmations
TO CLOSE: Rub your hands together and bring them to prayer pose, palms touching thumbs pressed against your sternum. Chant Long Sat Nam on one breath. Repeat this for a total of three times. Bring your hands to your forehead and bow. This seals the work in your frontal lobe.
So there it is! May we radiate Divinity and attract the same vibration: a pure, worthy, sincere and sustainable Love that only god/good will emerge from. Amin. 
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Thursday, April 14, 2022


Welcome OG, returning and crash n burning R & B Yogis. Spring is in the air! So is the fever to get out and mingle. But be sure to continue to wear a mask, because we all know how the false sense of security before summer goes. Your health and safety is paramount. For those of you new to Rhythm & Breath, I have been holding space online since 2009. I shoot instructional videos then share them with participants in a confidential group. Currently we are using Instagram @ rhythmandbreathyoga and YouTube: luzemma. After I receive your heart donation of a suggested $20, you will receive instructions on a group thread on IG. There you may ask questions and share whatever might come up from the meditation. This meditation is an easy one. It entails a mudra and a mantra in English. Simple enough!

TO BEGIN: Sit in easy pose with your legs crossed, rub your hands together. Press your thumbs against your sternum. Roll your eyes inward and upward toward your third-eye. If you are unable to sit cross legged, you may sit in a chair and cross your legs/feet underneath your chair. 

On two breaths chant, ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO which means I bow to the infinite wisdom within. Do this 3 times. For the proper cadence and pronunciation, purchase my mantra album Urban Mantra

MUDRA: Place your hands in GYAN MUDRA. thumb and index fingers touching. Hands are crossed in front of your heart center without touching your chest. Right hand in front of your left hand. 

EYE FOCUS: Eyes are just closed. There is no particular focus.

MANTRA: Love is love.

TIME: 11 minutes. 

TO END: Inhale and suspend the breath for ten counts holding the mudra then relax.

FINISH: Repeat the Warrior Healer's Affirmations

TO CLOSE: Chant three LONG SAT NAM on one breath. This means Truth is my identity.

There it is R & B Yogis! May our hearts expand and may we receive all the love, in all of its manifestations. The love we dream of and have always deserved, Amin!

Any questions, reach for me on IG. See you in the ethers. 

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Welcome new, returning and crash and burning R & B Yogis! It has been a while since I have updated this blog. With new technologies at my disposal, I have opted to use those. So if you are not following me on YouTube and IG, please do so you can stay abreast of the latest meditations and current class schedule. But I am depositing a gem at the place where my online meditation collective began for nostalgia's sake. And also remind those that have either fallen off their practice or have been practicing on their own, an invitation to return to the fold. The door and my heart is always open. 

This meditation is to: Experience Your Soul Blessing You with Prosperity. Just the thought makes me twinkle all over. No better time than this full moon in Aries to shine! Aries is the zodiac's warrior and this full moon is asking us to be a warrior of change. Isn't that what being a Warrior Healer is all about?! How perfect for us. Be-aware...getting there will be all fire. So burn candles, burn pine scented incense, write your intentions and desires and send it up in smoke because this moon cycle is sure to be a hot one. Astrologer's are saying anger may bubble up and to transmute this anger into action. In spiritual alchemy, this is how we make gold! So stick to your guns and stay in the practice. Burn that karma before it burns you! 

TO BEGIN: Sit in Easy Pose (or on a chair) with a straight spine. Rub your hands together and press your thumbs against your sternum with your eyes rolled in and up towards your third eye. 

OPENING MANTRA #1: Chant ONG NA MO GUROO DEV NA MO on two breaths. Three times. Listen here.

OPENING MANTRA #2: Chant AAD GURAY NAMEH, JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH, SAT GURAY NAMEH SIRI GURU DAVAY NAMEH three times. Translation: I bow to the Wisdom in the beginning. I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages. I bow to the True Wisdom. I bow to the great, unseen Wisdom.

MUDRA: Wrists rest on the knees in Gyan Mudra (index finger touching your thumb tip) with arms straight. 

EYE FOCUS: The eyes are 1/10th open. Focus at the tip of the nose.
MANTRA: Repeat the entire mantra HAR HAR HAR HAR, WHAA-HAY GUROO, SAT NAAM, HAR HAREE on a single breath. 

PRANAYAMA & LOCKS: Move the energy up from the navel by pumping the navel on each HAR - HAR - HAR - HAR. HAR means “God in creativity.”

The second part of the mantra, move the energy up to the heart chakra by pulling the navel towards the spine on the WHAA. Then chanting the rest of the mantra HAY GUROO. Hold these two locks fixed for the rest of the mantra. It means: Wow! Ecstatic is the force that bring the darkness to light. 

The third part of the mantra, keep bringing the energy up to your throat as you chant SAT NAAM. Apply neck lock as you slightly pull your chin towards the spine. It means Truth is my identity. 

Continue pulling the energy up to the top of the head, the crown chakra, as you chant HAR HAREE. Hold it until you are out of air. Then start at the beginning at the third chakra. Repeating the whole process. It is the manifestation of the 

TIME: 11 minutes

TO FINISH: Hold your hands in Gyan Mudra, Prayer Pose or Buddha mudra with one hand sitting inside of the other with your thumbs touching, and repeat the Warrior Healer's Affirmations. 

TO CLOSE: Chant SAT NAM 3 times on one breath.

This meditation will elevate your energy so strongly that you can easily experience your own soul blessing you with prosperity.

Sounds great to me! Let's clear the way for what is rightfully ours to find it's way to us. I will meet you on the sidelines of IG @rhythmandbreathyoga to answer your questions and to provide more guidance.

Sat Nam!
Mama Luz

*If you benefit in any way from Rhythm & Breath, please consider a heart donation of any denomination that can be dropped into the beggars bowl at the top of the page. I like a lot of people have been adversely effected by the global pandemic. My teaching hours were drastically reduced. And unemployment ended in March. But this time has also given me the opportunity to rededicate myself to my spiritual life. This is my work. Going on twenty years. Recognize ; ) *