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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

New Moon in Cancer: Meditation for Prosperity & Self-Esteem

Greetings new, returning, and crash and burning R & B Yogis! If you are reading this: you are alive! And for that you are already abundant. Be grateful. As long we can breathe, we can do yoga and clear the way to receive our blessings and alter our life condition. Even during a global pandemic and Up-Rising. Because COVID-19 attacks the lungs, the air we breathe is even more precious. Now more than ever, be intentional with every thing you are taking in. The air you breathe, the information you take in, the food you ingest, the spaces you occupy. Self-care is paramount. Especially when we come from an abusive home and/or up bringing. Remember how I keep saying that prosperity is directly linked to our feelings of self worth? Let's focus of receiving prosperity and building our self-esteem as Cancer season comes to an end with a Cancer New Moon. Cancer season has done a number on our emotions. So many unknowns as our foundations are being shaken internally and outwardly. Maybe the coming of Leo season will bring with it some clarity. At the very least, we can do our part in remaining grounded throughout the turmoil by maintaining our daily spiritual practice.  

This meditation is a relatively easy one. It is based on "one minute breath" which is called a Master Breath. It is said, if you can master this breath you can master your life condition. The pranayama goes like this: You inhale for 20 counts, you hold the breath for 20 counts and you exhale for 20 counts. 20 + 20 +20 = 60 (one minute). It is much easier to "take in" air and hold onto breath which we associate with life than exhaling which we associate with death. We wont be holding our breath or suspending it for that long but this is where we are trying to arrive: increased lung capacity and calm whether we are taking in or expelling breath/life. Over the next 40 days think of what you are letting go of: perceptions of your Self that have held you back, or blocked you from loving yourself and receiving true love. Rethink your ideas of home, your body as h(om). And by all means, drink copious amounts of water! Cancer is all about water and flow. There is no coincidence as to why money is also called currency. Now for the meditation.

BEGIN: Sitting in easy pose (or in a chair). Rub your hands together. Press your thumbs against your sternum, shoulders rolled back and down. Eyes are rolled in and up towards your third eye. Chant the Adi Mantra, ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO. Chanted on two breaths. You chant ONG NA MO. When you are out of breath, sip in air through a circled mouth. Then chant, GURU DEV NA MO. Which means, "I bow to the Divine Wisdom within." Affirming that the Master, Guru, Teacher we seek is already inside of us. For the correct cadence and pronunciation of the mantra, listen here. If you would like to purchase the mantra album which contains this and other healing mantras, go here. All proceeds go to the creation and dissemination of healing tools to the community. Thanks in advance for your support!

FOCUS: Maintain your focus on your third eye.

MUDRA: Gyan Mudra. Press your thumb and index fingers. Resting your wrists on your knees. Elbows relaxed.

PRANAYAMA: Inhale slowly. Hold the breath. As you are holding the breath, mentally project the mantra.

MANTRA: I am beautiful . I am blissful. I am bountiful.

PRANAYAMA: Slowly exhale. Once you are completely out of breath. Suspend the expelled breath and mentally project the mantra.

MANTRA: Excel. Excel. Fearless. 

TIME: Continue the meditation for 11 minutes.

CONCLUDE: Conclude the session with the recitation of the Warrior Healer's Affirmations.

CLOSE: Close out the session with three long Sat Nam(s). The translation is, "Truth is my Identity." It is chanted on one breath.  

There it is folx. Let's release what no longer serves us and step into our birth right. Which is  a radiant, abundant and fulfilled life functioning from a place of trust and love. Then we will be able to take better care of ourselves and it will then over flow to our loved ones. 

See you on the sidelines and the ethers!

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- Mama Luz