Monday, December 4, 2017


I am pleased to announce that I am offering community Rhythm & Breath classes at my h(om) in Brooklyn. 

Rhythm & Breath is Kundalini Yoga and Meditation that uses Asana (yoga postures), Pranayam (breathing techniques), Mantra (use of sound to alter thought patterns and brain chemistry), Mudra (hand positions to channel energy flow) and Meditation (quieting the mind to promote mental clarity and self-awareness). With this yoga, we break through the blockages in our chakras (energy vortices along the spine), alter our life condition and heal lifetimes of karma. This leads to a more fulfilled, integrated, and prosperous life.

Classes are taught to accommodate all fitness levels. No prior yoga experience is needed to participate.

Class is on Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm

Sliding scale $6-15

Space is limited, you must RSVP!

Venmo: @Mama_Luz
Paypal: send as friend/family 

Once I receive your confirmation of your donation, I will send coordinates.

Any other questions email me:

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Meditation for Word Power & Prosperity

Mercury retrograde is upon us, along with four other planets. UGH! This might be a good time to recommit to our spiritual practice so that we can ride the cosmic waves as gracefully as possible. Mercury retrograde is always a good time to slow ones' self down, quiet the mind and choose ones' words wisely to avoid miscommunication as much as hue-manly possible. For this reason, we are doing a 40 day meditation for "word power" with a bonus prosperity mantra...because we can always use abundance! The meditation is a pretty easy one, it is perfect for yogis new to the practice. It entails a simple mudra (hand position) and mantra (incantation). You will find the pranayam (breathing) that works best for you as you chant along.

BEGIN: Sit in EASY POSE, with a light JALANDAR BANDH (elogated spine, lifting behind the head and slightly tucking in the chin). Rub your hands together and bring them to PRAYER POSE with your thumbs against your sternum and your shoulders rolled back and down. Your eyes rolled in and up towards your THIRD EYE. Inhale through the nose and chant ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO (I bow to the Divine Teacher within) on two breaths. Repeat two more times. Three times total. Listen here for the correct pronunciation and cadence of the ADI MANTRA which is found on my CD URBAN MANTRA: VOL I. Please purchase if you have not already. All proceeds from the album go to Rhythm & Breath's continued effort to bring affordable and accessible mystical tools to urban folk.

MUDRA: The mudra, Buddha Mudra, the left hand is resting inside the right hand thumbs touching while resting on your lap.

MANTRA: The mantra is Har. Roll your "r" as you would when speaking Spanish. 
Har means the "creative infinity" another name for God. 

TIME: Chant in a monotone voice for 3 minutes minimum and 11 minutes is the ideal.

TO FINISH: Recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations in GYAN MUDRA, your index finger pressed against your thumbs. Or in BUDDHA MUDRA one hand resting in the other with the thumbs touching.

TO CLOSE: Rub your hands together, bring them to prayer pose and chant SAT NAM (Truth is my Identity) on one breath 3 times. Bring your hands up to your forehead and bow bringing your hands and head to the floor. This seals the work in your frontal lobe.

There it is! Let's ride the waves!

Sat Nam!

- Mama Luz 

*If you benefit in any way from Rhythm & Breath, please support us by making a heart donation in the "beggars bowl" at the top of the blog page. All proceeds go to the research, dissemination and production of mystical tools to assist seekers along the Path. Thanks in advance for your support. All assistance is humbly received and appreciated! PLEASE NOTE: Gangsta yogis will be delt with by a Higher authority.*


Monday, November 7, 2016


Before there were yoga mats, mystics and yogis used animal skins not only as a surface on which to sit, but a surface to pray and practice meditation. For one that does not know, one would think that an animal skin is primitive. But as with any tool, intention can turn an ordinary object into a sacred one.

The use of a sheepskin is both practical and spiritual: an animal skin provides a barrier between your body and the surface on which you are sitting but it also provides a barrier to the earth's magnetic field. The earth's core pulls your subtle energy down making sitting in meditation for long periods of time draining. Using a sheep skin serves as a barrier facilitating the rising of the Kundalini energy through the higher chakras expanding and strengthening the aura.

When we use the skin as a spiritual tool, we liberate the animal's soul as we work to liberate our own. There is an exchange that occurs with every sentient being, (living being of animal, vegetable, human consciousness), we come in contact with. In regards to the use of a sheepskin for a spiritual practice, the animal skin absorbs your subtle energy, the vibration of your mantras and projections, becoming a fortifying tool that can be used when you are ill, in need of protection and/or fortification.

There are vegans that would argue against the use of an animal skin and opt for the use of a wool blanket, or mat, to minimize the earth's pull. But in my opinion, acknowledging this exchange between the living and the dead and the cyclical nature of life is a vital part of one's spiritual practice. We practice to liberate our own soul, preparing our selves for our own transition, all the while assisting our ancestors and our beloveds. 

In the collective unconscious, and as an archetypal symbol, sheep and lambs are symbolic of "the sacrifice" one makes when one is in service of the One. This exchange is portrayed and celebrated in Abrahamic traditions of the Jews, Christians, Muslims and also in religious practices of the African diaspora. The use of a sheep skin is entirely individual and a matter of perspective. As a rule of thumb, as you find your way along the spiritual path, always do what resonates in your heart. A heart with sincere intention will never be led astray.

- Mama Luz