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Saturday, August 27, 2011

120 Day Meditation to Make the Impossible...Possible

Greetings R & B Yogis!
Apologies for the rush job on the video and the blog but I didnt want to take my chances with Hurricane Irene. So I whipped it up and here it is! 
2012 is around the corner and we have been preparing for the possible shift of the earth's axis and the definite shift in consciousness for almost three years. Can you believe it! SO much has My deepest gratitude to all the participants past and present that have walked with me through the fire. Its been intense and transformative. We have helped each other rise out of the ashes and will continue to due so well in to the futurel Insa'allah! Have you noticed as we approach the new year, it is more apparent that ever with all the natural disasters and the uprisings in the Arab world, the veils are getting thinner and thinner and transformation is happening faster? I glad we are awake!
SO, here are the details for the meditation:
We will meditate every day for 120 days starting Sept. 1st. It will take us a couple days shy of the new year Jan. 1st 2012. If you fall off the meditation, start back up again. Try to complete at least a 40 day cycle. You can meditate any time of the day although optimum times are 2 hours before sunrise or sunset. Begin with 11 minutes and if you are feeling ambitious take it up to 31 minutes.
Begin in easy pose (with your legs crossed). If you have knee problems you can sit on top of a pillow. Or if you become fatigued from sitting for long periods of time, you can lean against a wall or couch.
Rub your hands together and bring them into prayer pose (left thumb over right if you are female and right thumb over left if you are male). Take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose and chant the ADI MANTRA:
On two breaths sipping air in between "mo" and "guru" through a circled mouth.
The mantra is:
Your palms are resting on your knees palms up.
The mudra:
SA-means Infinity. Press your thumb and index (Jupiter) finger together.
TA-means Life. Press your thumb and middle (Saturn) finger together.
NA-means Death. Press your thumb and ring (Sun) finger together.
MA-means Rebirth. Press your thumb and pinky (Mercury) finger together.
You get the idea? You repeat the same mudra with the subsequent sounds:
RA-means Sun. Press your thumb and your thumb and index (Jupiter) finger together.
MA-means Moon. Press your thumb and middle (Saturn) finger together.
DA-means Earth. Press your thumb and ring (Sun) finger together.
SA-means Infinity. Press your thumb and pinky (Mercury) finger together.
SA-means Infinity. Press your thumb and your thumb and index (Jupiter) finger together.
SAY-means "I." Press your thumb and middle (Saturn) finger touch finger together.
SO-means "am." Press your thumb and ring (Sun) finger together.
HUNG-means "thou." Press your thumb and pinky (Mercury) finger together.
Got it? If you have questions or concerns, I will answer them in the discussion group.
Bring your hands to GYAN MUDRA (or prayer pose)
Recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations:
Warrior Healers Affirmations
Chant LONG SAT NAM on one breath 3 x's
So there it is! The discussions will be held in love and confidence through FACEBOOK. Friend me if you havent already. And dont forget to drop a little sumthin sumthin in the beggars bowl at the bottom of the page. The suggested heart donation is a minimum $10. 
Lets do it! Raise our consciousness...raise the consciousness of the planet...Kundalini Up-rising! Woo woo!