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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Solving Communication Problems

BEGIN: Sit in EASY POSE, with a light JALANDAR BANDH (elogated spine, lifting behind the head and slightly tucking in the chin). Rub your hands together and bring them to PRAYER POSE with your thumbs against your sternum and your shoulders rolled back and down. Your eyes rolled in and up towards your THIRD EYE BROW POINT. Inhale through the nose and chant ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO (I bow to the Divine Teacher within) on two breaths. We chant this 3xs. For the correct cadence and pronunciation of this mantra, listen here: ADI MANTRA.

This is found on my album Urban Mantra: Vol 1. All proceeds go to Rhythm & Breath's continued effort to bring affordable and accessibe mystical tools to urban folk worldwide. Please purchase, if you have not already. And thank you in advance for your support.

MUDRA: You are going to press your pinkies against each other and your thumbs against each other forming a circle without the palms touching. Pinky represents the planet Mercury which is the planet that represents communication. Your thumb represents your ego.

Your Sun finger (ring finger) is bent with the tip of the finger relaxed. While the Saturn and Jupiter fingers are pointing straight up. Three to Four inches in front of your chest.

Your fingers may have a difficult time holding this position. If you begin to get irritated shake out your hands and come back to the mudra.

Mudras stimulate meridians in our hands that are connected to our brains to alter thought patterns. There are 72,000 meridians in our hands and our feet. In Sufi tradition there are 72,000 veils between us and Allah.

FOCUS: The focus is on the third eye point. Roll your eyes in and up. Gazing psychically through the ring you are creating with your pinkies and thumbs.

TIP: You can gaze periodically through the void in your hands, to recalibrate and maintain your focus. I like to imagine the things I need protection from during Mercury Retrograde bound in the circle surrounded by Love represented by the heart created in my hands with my fingers. You will see what I am talking about once you do the mudra and gaze through the circle.

PRANAYAM: Breathing is long and deep in and out of the nose. Meditation without mantra is challenging. I suggest you breathe deep enough so that you can hear your self breathing. MAKE THE BREATH YOUR MANTRA.

TIME: Continue for 11 minutes. And increase to 31 minutes if you desire.

TO FINISH: Recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations in Gyan Mudra, your index finger pressed against your thumbs.

TO CLOSE: Rub your hands together, bring them to prayer pose and chant SAT NAM (Truth is my Identity) on one breath 3 times. Bring your hands up to your forehead and bow bringing your hands and head to the floor. This seals the work in your frontal lobe.

And there it is! Let's harness our Mercury power, master the art of communication and ease our trials during the Mercury Retrograde period. If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Sat Nam, Shalom, Salaam.

Mama Luz

Projection and Protection of the Heart

Greetings Yin Yogis!
This meditation consists of a mantra and mudra. It is easy in comparison to the other meditations we have done along the year.
SO we begin as we begin every session with the tuning into our highest consciousness and the prophets, gurus and sages of the ages with the ADI MANTRA: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO. This means that I bow to the Divine Wisdom within, and another translation is I bow to the Divine teacher within.
So rub your hands together, cross your left thumb over your right for the ladies, Right side is the sun side, and analytical side of the brain. Left side is the moon side, the heart and moon side, and the emotional side of the brain. Press your thumbs against your sternum in prayer pose and chant the ADI MANTRA on 2 breaths. This you can observe in the video that will be sent to you once I have confirmation of your participation and have received your heart donation.
The Mantra:

AAD GURAY NAMEH (I bow to the Primal Wisdom)
JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH (I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages)
SAT GURAY NAMEH (I bow to the True Wisdom)
SIREE GUROO DAYVAY NAMEH (I bow to the Great, Unseen Wisdom)
AAD GURAY NAMEH as you extend your arms
JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH as you bring them back to prayer pose
SAT GURAY NAMEH as you extend your arms again
SIREE GUROO DAYVAY NAMEH as you bring then back to prayer pose again
If you can, chant the mantra on one deep breath. 
Continue for 11 minutes
To Close: Recite the prayer/blessing The Long Time Sun:

May the Long Time Sun shine upon you
All love surround you 
And the pure light within you guide your way on
You can recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations. 
Warrior Healer's Affirmations
I prefer to do this. It never hurts to affirm the Truths that you are.
Chant 3 long SAT NAMS on one breath. Sat Nam means Truth is my identity. Chant this mantra 3xs. Bring your hands up to your forehead and bring your forehead down to the floor to seal the work in your frontal lobe.
This meditation gives you an enchanting magnetic personality, with many unexpected friends. This mantra surrounds the magnetic field with protective light.
Who doesnt need new friends and to be surrounded with protective light! 2011 is off to a positive start!
Please DO NOT forget to make your donation of a MINIMUM of $10 made payable through PAYPAL. There is a virtual beggars bowl at the bottom of the page. "The student that arrives empty handed leaves empty handed"-Yogi Bhajan
Thank you for your interest and support of donation based Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
Sat Nam!

Setting Our Intention for 2011!

Greetings Yin and Yang R & B Yogis!
In an effort to open the healing circle to more people, I have decided to separate the men and the women and focus on issues that pertain to each gender specifically. I have chosen a meditation to Solve Communication Problems for the men and one for Projection and Protection of the Heart for the women. 
So we will embark on this 40 Day journey on New Years Eve. setting our intentions for healing for the year. The meditation is to be done everyday for 11 minutes. It can be done at any time before midnight although the optimum times for meditation are between 4am and 7am and/or 4pm and 7pm. This is due to the angle of the sun and the earth, at these times it is at a 60 degree angle which allows for mental clarity, and sensitivity and better connection to the cosmos. If doing the meditation during these ours is not possible, it would be a good practice to do the meditation at the same time everyday. 
So read the directions thoroughly. If you have any questions, you know where to find me!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Light Wisdom of the Day

Words touch in ways hands cannot. Speak Truth with gentle-loving-awareness. For you never know how deep your words may penetrate.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Light Wisdom of the Day

The most significant and profound revolution is the Kundalini Up-Rising. Once you have overthrown the institution of your mind, you are no longer oppressed by the limitations of your EGO. The only way to do this is through meditation.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tribal Chic...Fashion with Compassion!

Here is a lil taste of our one-of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry. Every piece is unique, made from different natural materials from around the globe...Africa, Mexico, Brasil and India. Some of the beads have been donated by participants in Rhythm and Breath's 40 Day Meditations. Some pieces have semi-precious stones with healing properties and are not only beautiful but good for you. 

Your purchase goes to support donation based Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and healing on-line and will help us manifest a permanent h(om).

SO shop guilt and karma free and help support the transmission of sacred esoteric knowledge and healing to communities that are in need of it. Each pair of earrings is $15 plus $2 shipping and handling. To purchase send a message with your name and address, specifying which pair you are interested in. Your donation can be made at the top of the page and your one-of-a-kind beauties will be mailed to you.

Thank you for your support.

Spread LOVE and BREATHE!
#1 Aquamarine, African Trade Bead on Leather Chord
#2 African Horn on Suede SOLD
#3 Lemon Jade, Glass, Bees Wax
#4 Glass, Bees Wax, Hessonite
#5 Coconut Shell, African Amber, Hessonite SOLD
#6 Lemon Jade, Powdered Glass from Ghana
#7 Indian Recycled Glass, Copper, Wood
#8 Hand Blown Glass, Aventurine
#9 Painted Ceramic, Mexican Glass
#10 Hausa Nigerian Bronze with Hessonite

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prosperity, Fulfillment & Success Circling your Psyche

This meditation is fairly easy. It entails an easy mudra and mantra. The pranayam you will discover for yourself as you go deeper into the practice of this meditation.

We begin in easy pose as we begin every meditation. Take a couple deep breaths and set your intention for this meditation. Visualize how you see yourself...prosperous, fulfilled and successful. When you have a clear vision in your mind's eye...rub your hands together and bring them to prayer pose. Cross left thumb over right if you are female, right over left of you are male. With your eyes closed and rolled up towards your third eye brow point, repeat the Adi Mantra ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO 3x's. You may chant it on one, or two breaths.

Sitting tall on your sitz bones with your spine straight, bend your elbows with your arms close to your sides and your hands pointing upward. Your Jupiter finger is straight and the rest of the fingers are bent and locked down with the thumb.

Move your hands in small, rapid circles. The fingers are moving towards your face but the circle is going outward. Maintain your elbows close to your torso. Simultaneously, you are going to chant the mantra, "HAR HARAY, HAREE." This means three aspects of the Creator...Power, Creative Action, and Completion.

Move quickly and chant the mantra accordingly. As far as coordinating the breathing, I like to sip in air when I run out of breath while I am saying the mantra. You can kind of observe my technique in the video for this meditation. Continue coordinating the rhythm and the breath for 11 minutes.

To finish continue circling your Jupiter fingers as fast as you can but change the mantra to "Har" which means God, or the Power of God...for 15 seconds.

Then relax for a minute with your hands in Gyan Mudra resting on your knees.

Recite the Warrior Healers Daily Affirmations

To close, rub your hands together and bring them to Prayer Pose.

Chant 3 Long SAT NAMS on one breath. Bring your hands to your forehead and bring your head and hands to the floor bowing. This seals the work of the mantra, mudra and pranayam in the frontal lobe of the brain.

So, there it is! Let Prosperity, Fulfillment & Success surround! not forget to make your donation for this cycle of meditation. Or...if you have benefitted in anyway from what is shared on this blog, or YOUTUBE. Rhythm & Breath is dependent on your donations to keep this ancient knowledge accessible to those that might not have access otherwise.

It is a $10 MINIMUM donation to participate in the group, the group process and discussions.

There is a Virtual Beggars Bowl at the bottom of the blog page for you to make your donation through PAYPAL.

Thank you for your interest and support of Rhythm & Breath!

When one rises...we all rise!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Divine Shield Meditation for Protection & Positivity


The next round of 40 days of meditation we will be calling on the Divine Mother to uplift and expand our auras. Whether we are mothers, or not, we all have been at some point in our past lives and our task in this life time is to become better caretakers to our selves and heal lifetimes of karma that get in the way of us living our Truth.

So as with every meditation, sitting in easy pose with hands in prayer pose with eyes rolled up toward the third eye brow point...we begin with the Adi Mantra ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO. This means I bow to the Divine Teacher within, or another translation is, I bow to the Infinite Widsom within. Ideally if you can chant the mantra on one breath GREAT! But if not, I like to chant the mantra on two breaths. The first breath, ONG NA MO...and when you are out of breath sip in air through a puckered mouth, and then chant GURU DEV NAMO. We chant the Adi Mantra 3xs.

The mudra and sitting position for this meditation is, the right knee bent with the right foot flat on the ground pointing straight ahead. The sole of the left foot is against the arch and ankle of the right foot. Make a fist with your left hand and place it on the grounds beside the hip. Use this to balance the posture. Bring your right hand back along the side of the head with the palm facing the ear. Form a cup with the right palm. Then bring it against the skull so that it contacts the skull below the ear but stays open above the ear.

As for the mantra, inhale deeply and chant the mantra in a long, full smooth sound of:


Project the sound as if you are calling out to the Divine Mother like the sound a baby uses to call on the mother. If you call, she will come to your aid. As you chant, listen to the sound and let it vibrate through your whole body. When you have exhaled completely, take another deep breath and continue for 3 (minimum time for newbies) to 11 minutes. Then change the legs and ear to the other side.

Yogi Bhajan's notes on the meditation are:

It is difficult to focus on your higher feelings and sensitivity if you feel fearful and unprotected. If the universe seems hostile, uncaring, and non-responsive it is easy to become filled with cynicism, despair, and hopelessness. In that depressed state it is impossible to sense the fullness and possibilities of life. It is difficult to solve the problems that upset you.

Those feelings occur when the aura that surrounds the body is weak and small. The human aura can extend out to nine feet in all directions. If it drops below four feet, we tend to become depressed. If we can extend the aura, the outer arc acts as a filter and a connector to the universal magnetic field.

The aura can be temporarily expanded. One way is to connect to your aura with the universal seed sound that activates the power of the heart center. The compassion of the universe uplifts and expands you. It provides a Divine Shield to accompany you through your trials and tribulations. This meditation does exactly that. If you make it a regular practice, you will become positive, fearless, and happy. NOTHING WILL STOP YOU AS YOU PURSUE YOUR GOALS.

When the shield is strong you are protected from the impact of your own past actions. You are like a great ship that turns toward God and reality and then must cross the waves of your own wake that you created by your past actions (wait a second...whoah that is deep) The shield keeps you alert and awake at the real task of your life.

Close the meditation by rubbing your hands together, bringing them to prayer pose. Recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations.

Repeat a Long SAT NAM chanted on one breath 3xs. SAT NAM means Truth is my Identity.
Bring your hands to your forehead and your forehead to the ground to seal the meditation in your frontal lobe.
So there it is R & B Yogis! It sounds good to me! Lets see where the Divine Mother takes us. SO, hit me up if you have any questions or comments!

Sat Nam...Namaste...Asalaam Walaikum...Shalom!

Friday, August 27, 2010

TRIBAL CHIC...Fashion with Compassion

Greetings R & B Yogis!

Check out our line of One-of-a-Kind handcrafted earrings fit for a yogi, queen, goddess...YOU! No two woman are the same...neither is our jewelry. Some beads have been generously donated to our bead collective by participants in our 40 day meditations. Earrings are constructed with beads made from wood, seeds, metal, resin, horn, bone and semi-precious stones that have healing properties. So our earrings not only make you look fab but they make you radiate electro-magnetically, they ground and protect. To order, send a FB message, or email, specifying the NUMBER next to the earring description, your shipping address, and make your donation through our PAYPAL button at the bottom of the page. Each pair of earrings is $15 dollars plus $5 shipping and handling.

Part of the proceeds from sales go to a movement arts education project we are developing to bring yoga, meditation and other healing movement modalities to under-served communities in the states and abroad.  Every pair of earrings is a mantra and has been blessed with prayer. So shop guilt free and send positive causes into the universe by supporting Rhythm and Breath, donation based Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Sat Nam, Namaste, Asalaam Walaikum, Shalom!

#1:metal, black onyx SOLD
#2:brass, raw wood, sunstone, carnelian SOLD
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#7:copper, wood, glass SOLD
#8:glass, brass, agate
#9:tibetan dzi stone, carnelian SOLD
#10:brass, wood, horn, coconut shell SOLD
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#12:raw wood, ceramic, glass SOLD
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#15:glass, lemon jade, metal SOLD
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#26:seed, glass, topaz SOLD
#27:suede, honey resin SOLD

#28:wood, raw wood, carnelian, glass SOLD

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meditation to Conquer Self-animosity

So, we begin another 40 day journey. This time to conquer our self-animosity. Usually it comes in the form of fear, doubt, or negative self talk, that will usually convince us out of something that we know is good for participation in this healing collective : )

Here are Yogi Bhajan's notes on the meditation:

There are no enemies. There are challenges to our creativity. The greatest enemy is the self. Self-defeating activity and self-animosity occur when we do not accept ourselves. We instinctively reject self-confirmed continuity. We will oppose our own success and accomplishment just to break with steadiness. That break is the assertion of the ego: an attempt at marking and possessing something in Time and Space. This self-animosity distracts us from the real gift of human life: the capacity to confront and experience the self in relationship to the Unknown Infinity of our Self.

The meditation consists of mudra (hand position) and pranayam (breath work).

Begin by sitting in easy pose with your legs crossed. 

Rub hands together, cross thumbs (left over right if female, right over left if male). Press thumbs against your sternum. Eyes are rolled in and up towards your third-eyebrow point. 
Inhale and exhale three times to center yourself.

Deep inhale, chant on two breaths...ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO (I bow to the Divine Teacher within or I bow to the Divine Wisdom within). Chant ONG NA MO on one breath til your air runs out, then sip in air through a puckered mouth and chant GURU DEV NA MO on one breath til you run out of air.

Repeat two more times.

Bring hands into fists, palms facing each other, with the thumbs pointing up towards sky.

Hands are in front of your heart center

The eye focus is on the the tip of the nose.

The breath is...inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth...inhale through the mouth exhale though the nose. Continuing this alternating between nose and mouth for 11 minutes.

Because there is no mantra, it may be difficult to focus and the mind may begin to race with disjointed thoughts. Just return to listening to the rhythm of your breath. Breath deeply enough for yourself to hear. Be aware of your thoughts, but try not to be taken by them and return your focus to the breath. 

After 11 minutes, reach your hands above your head towards the sky, inhale hold onto the breath, then exhale. Repeat this 3 more times.

Rub your hands together and return to prayer pose. 

Recite the Warrior Healer's Affirmations to finish.
Chant 3 long Sat Nam/s (Truth is my identity) on one breath.

Bring your hands in prayer pose up to your third eye and bow bringing your forehead to the floor. This seals the karmic work in your sub-consious to your conscious mind.

Don't forget to drop your donation in the virtual beggars bowl at the top of this page. ($15 minimum). 

"The student that arrives empty handed, leaves empty handed"
-Yogi Bhajan

Thank for your contribution.


Saturday, July 3, 2010


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? 
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God. 
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
-Marianne Williamson

Saturday, May 22, 2010


All our purifications are done in fire, by fire, and with fire.
-The Mystery of the Cathedrals