Beggar's Bowl

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blessing for Project(s)

Lord, divinely guide me. 
Give me strength, clarity and perseverance to bring my project(s) to fruition. 
Help me to see the challenges in my process as opportunities to experience freedom in creation. 
Upon completion, may I remain grateful and humble knowing that every thing comes from and returns to You. 
May I, my loves, lovers and beloveds reap the benefits of my belief made manifest. 
- Luz Emma CaƱas Madrigal

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We begin every session with the Adi Mantra: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO. It takes us from our current state of being, to an elevated state of Being. The mantra is in the sacred Eastern language Gurmuki and this is the English translation:

Ong: Infinite Creative Energy in manifestation and activity.
Namo: Reverent greetings
Guru: Teacher 
Dev: Divine of God
Namo: Reaffirms humility and reverence

Together the phrase means: "I bow to the Divine teacher within" another interpretation is, "I bow to the Infinite Wisdom within." It is to be chanted on one breath, if possible, but I like to chant it on two breaths. Mantra Girl, Erin Kamler, hipped me to that technique back in the day. I used to take class at her home studio in Beverly Hills and it has served me well ever since. I find that I dont lose power in my breath, projection, and I can vibrate the mantra more in my heart center. 

The Adi Mantra is to be chanted, not sung. Chanting is not singing. It is to elevate your consciousness and to induce trance like states through a monotone, droning, consistent and steady rhythm. It drives me bananas when yogis want to sing opera, or acapella, in class. Meditation is for devotion not for stroking ones ego. So, if you are not a singer or recording artist, keep the singing in the shower. 

We repeat the Adi Mantra 3 times to tune in before we begin our Kundalini Yoga practice. When we chant this mantra, we are affirming: we are what we seek. All the wisdom of the ages, and of all the gurus and ascended masters, is accessible to us when we plug into our Highest Self. There is no God to be sought in the hereafter, only God here, and now. 

To get a better idea on how the mantra should be chanted, listen here:

For more cool mantras...purchase my album Urban Mantra: Vol 1:

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Sat Nam!

-Luz aka Jamila R.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Creative Fire: The Lord's Prayer

I always wonder if all the Jesus lovers and bible thumpers have ever come across this book, PRAYER OF THE COSMOS, one of my top ten must reads. Just the cover alone was healing to my psyche and was what initially drew me to this book. I was raised Catholic on a healthy dosage of white Jesus: never saw my Self in God, and never really saw God in my Self. I did not know and understand him, Jesus, until my consciousness became more like his through my walk on the Sufi Path and my Kundalini yoga practice. The beauty of Christ Consciousness is the realization that we are all ONE, not separate from each other and not separate from the Creator. What we seek, we become: Seek light...become light. We all possess the power to heal and be healed. Our ability to BE like Jesus all comes down to the sanctity of our vessel: our ability to receive light and our humility to transmit it. Believe that! Become the miracle...

- Mama Luz 

From "Prayers of the Cosmos" by Neil Douglas-Klotz
Translations and Meditations on the Aramaic Words of Jesus

"Thy kingdom come...Thy will be done..." Teytey Malkuthakh

Thy Kingdom come...

Teytey means come but includes the images of mutual desire, definition of a goal, and, in the old sense, a nuptial chamber- a place where mutual desire is fulfilled and birthing begins.Malkuthakh refers to the quality of rulership and ruling principles that guide our lives towards unity. It could be justifiably translated as "kingdom" or "queendom." It is what says "I can" within us and is willing, despite all odds, to take a step in a new direction.

The word Malkatuh, based on the same root, was a name of the Great Mother in the Middle East thousands of years before Jesus. The ancients saw in the earth and all around them a divine quality that everywhere takes responsibility and says " I can." Later those who expressed this quality clearly were recognized as natural leaders-what we call queens or kings.

Meditation on: Thy Kingdom Come...

The Creative Fire

Create your reign of unity now-through our fiery hearts and willing hands.
Let your counsel rule our lives, clearing our intention for co-creation.
Unite our "I can" to yours, so that we walk as kings and queens with every creature.
Desire with and through us the rule of universal fruitfulness onto the earth.
Your rule springs into existence as our arms reach out to embrace all creation.
Come into the bedroom of our hearts, prepare us for the marriage of power and beauty.
From this divine union, let us birth new images for a new world of peace.
Create your reign of unity now!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Meditation for Inner Assessment

"The most vital part of healing is self awareness." Luz

So here we are...another 40 day journey! What I love about this R & B process is that we all hold each other accountable and we all teach each other compassion for Self, and other, as we establish a daily practice individually in a collective forum. This meditation for inner assessment is going to be a little bit challenging  because there is no mantra. So make a conscious effort to focus on your breath as you do the meditation in case your mind wanders. And if anything comes up from your subconscious, be prepared to share in the group discussion so that we can process. Or if you feel more at ease, you may hit me up on the side-lines.

This meditation consists of three parts.

To start we begin in Easy Pose, which is your legs crossed one in front of the other. If you are unable to sit on the floor, you may sit on a cushion, prop your knees up with two pillows or you may sit in a chair. Rub your hands together and bring them into PRAYER POSE. In hale through your nose and chant the ADI MANTRA Ong Na Mo Guru Dev Namo ("I bow to the Divine Teacher within") 3xs on two breaths. 

PART ONE: To Know Your Inner Balance
With your eyes closed, focus on your third-eye point. Slide your left hand upward until it is higher than the right. The right palm is resting on the fore-arm right below the wrist. Breathe long and deep for 3-11min.

PART TWO: To Know Your Inner Projection
Still sitting in easy pose and focusing on the third-eye point. Bring your thumbs in to the hollows of your eye sockets on the sides of your nose. Now bring your hands in to prayer pose starting with the base of the palms and touching the fingers last. Breathe long and deep for 3-11min.

PART THREE: To Know Your Inner Strength
Still sitting in Easy Pose with your eyes closed and focusing at your third-eye. Place your right hand over your left at your Heart Center and press as hard as you can, maintaining pressure throughout the meditation. Breathe long and deep for 3-11min.

Bring your hands to Prayer Pose or Gyan Mudra and recite the WARRIOR HEALERS AFFIRMATIONS.

Warrior Healers Affirmations

Bring your hands to Prayer Pose and chant LONG SAT NAM ("Truth is my Identity") on one breath 3xs. Bring your hands in Prayer Pose up to your forehead and bring your head and hands to the floor to seal the work in your frontal lobe.

Voila and there it is R & B Yogis! Lets assess our Self, increase our awareness, and heal lifetimes of karma!

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"The student that arrives empty handed...leaves empty handed." -Yogi Bhajan 

If you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Salaam/Shalom/Sat Nam!