Beggar's Bowl

Monday, October 5, 2009

Warrior Healer's Affirmations

I am infinite abundance and boundless prosperity.

I have unlimited potential, at this and every moment; I am the seed of creation.

I patiently await for what is mine; My destiny is already written.

I accept everything that comes to me, light and shadow, with graciousness and humility; Every thing is an extension of my Being.

I have a healthy detachment to objects and situations because I realize the transient nature of things; Nothing is permanent.

I use my awareness to raise my own consciousness, that of my family, my community and the cosmos; My existence is not in vain.

I am protected on all sides, at all times; I walk the straight path with no fear.

I trust and surrender to the process; Divine Loving Hands move all.

-Luz Emma CaƱas Madrigal


  1. I like "I am protected on all side, at all times."

    I think that many people, myself included, feel attacked from all sides. Worse still, is a pervasive feeling that more is coming down the pike.

    Everything is opportunity. I've learned that.

  2. Thank you Luz for posting these, they are beautiful. :-)

  3. This is beautiful, and powerful.. I hope you won't mind if I put it to much needed use..?!! I would be interested in it's origin..Thank you. Peace.

    1. Please do: recite and become! Humble thanks, I wrote them. But as all Truth comes from the One, I can't take all the credit.

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  5. Thank you..Going to practice this kriya for 120 days with the affirmations..

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