Beggar's Bowl

Monday, March 24, 2014

Yoga to Live By

Kundalini Yoga is more than just postures, yoga is a way of Being. Union can be achieved, on both the physical and spiritual realms, throughout one's day. You don't have to be in a temple or in a studio, you don't need yoga gear, or even a yoga mat. You just need the sincere desire to heal one's Self. Here are simple ways to integrate yogic technology into your daily life:

1) Daily hydro therapy.

2) Rhythm & Breath Chair Yoga and/or do a kriya that you may specifically need for your own physical and mental health. You can check out my YOUTUBE channel to see what resonates.

3) Daily prayer AND meditation. Prayer is different than meditation: prayer is output and meditation is input. In prayer one speaks to God, in meditation God speaks to you.

4) Use a mala (prayer beads) throughout your day and particularly during class if you are a yoga teacher. You can use a mantra, a prayer (in your religious tradition), or create a mantra by saying the quality that you are trying to invoke. This can be done aloud, or silently, as you pull each bead.

5) Repeat Positive Affirmations throughout your day. Especially the Warrior Healer's Affirmations that you are specifically working on or struggle with.

7) Sage your body and/or bathe in sea salt water at the end of the day to wash off psychic chords and residue from your daily interactions. Especially if one engages in spiritual work.

And there it is...NO EXCUSES! The only excuses are the ones we create. To be a cohered vessel, one must do The Work that one attempts to transmit. To transmit the Truth…Be the Truth. Integrity in every thing! 

<3 Mama Luz

Friday, March 14, 2014

Liberated Heart Meditation

What is liberation? Liberation is freedom and freedom comes from a neutral mind. 
-Luz Emma

Sit in Easy Pose with the spine straight and chin slightly tucked in (Jalandhar Bandh). Rub your hands together and bring them to Prayer Pose with your thumbs against your sternum and your shoulders rolled back and down. Your eyes rolled in and up towards your third-eye brow point. Inhale through the nose and chant ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO (I bow to the Divine Teacher within) on two breaths. Listen here for the correct pronunciation and cadence of the ADI MANTRA which is found on my CD URBAN MANTRA: VOL I. (All proceeds from the album go to Rhythm & Breath's continued efforts to bring accessible mystical tools to urban folk.
MUDRA: Curl your fingers pressing the tips of your fingers into the pads of your fingers. Bring your hands together with your thumbs touching. Bring your hands in front of your lips, palms facing forward, like a mustache.
 Now move your 6 inches from your face.
FOCUS: On the tips of the fingers. 

PRANAYAM: Begin to inhale through the nose with 8 equal strokes. Then exhale with 8 equal strokes. Continue for 3-11 minutes. If you begin to experience anxiety, or shortness of breath, return to long deep breathing. Start with 1 minute, then increase to 3 and ultimately 11 minutes. .

CONCLUDE: Inhale deeply, reach your arms over head and hold the breath for as long as possible. Close your hands into fists and exhale. Repeat.

TO FINISH: Recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations in Gyan Mudra, your index finger pressed against your thumbs.

TO CLOSE: Rub your hands together, bring them to prayer pose and chant SAT NAM (Truth is my Identity) on one breath 3 times. Bring your hands up to your forehead and bow bringing your hands and head to the floor. This seals the work in your frontal lobe.
There it is R & B Yogis! Bring FREE!

If you have any questions, reach for me.

Sat Nam, Shalom, Salaam!

- Luz Emma

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