Beggar's Bowl

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Be the Miracle

Kundalini is the path to becoming the miracle. - Luz Emma
Yeah...yeah...yeah, we've all heard it before: "Life is a miracle." It's's corny...but it's true! Most of us are so wrapped up into what we are feeling, that we forget about the miracle that life is. The very fact that the same cosmic matter that is present in the universe is the same materia in the atoms of our bodies is pretty miraculous. I could go on and on presenting some scientific proof on the presence of GOD, a "Super Natural Intelligence," a "Supreme Being," or whatever you want to call it, but just the fact that you are reading this blog post means that you "believe" enough in miracles to continue reading. 

All miracles begin with faith. One must believe in the medicine in order for it to do it's healing work. And because Kundalini is spiritual alchemy, belief in "Supreme Being" is paramount. It does not matter how you define it, what it is important is to acknowledge that it exists and that believe that there is Divine order in what may seem as a chaotic existence. Kundalini is the path to becoming the miracle. It is said, that all purification is done, in fire, by fire or through fire. When one practices Kundalini Yoga, one consciously places one's self in the fire's of purification. Through asana, pranayam and meditation, we make our bodies and minds flexible so that we can bend to Divine Will as oppose to attempting to manipulate our environment to bend to our own. Often times, we do not know what our practice will yield, but we proceed with faith even though our bodies and our hearts may hurt. 

The frequency and the proximity in which we merge with the One often determines whether we will be called upon to be used directly as a vessel to transmit healing Light and Love. This takes our miracle work to a whole other level. Don't get it twisted, it isn't all sparkles, rainbows and bliss. Don't forget what happened to Jesus. The Divine is a demanding partner. Being a miracle worker isn't something one seeks, God chooses based on lifetimes of development and cultivation. If you have been chosen, it is because you have been prepared in pre-eternity. You will experience and see things that cannot be fully explained in books and texts. Things that are extra-ordinary and perhaps even para-normal. It is important to temper one's ego or else one's own "fire" will engulf you and you will go up in flames. What could have been a blessing can become a curse. It is always beneficial to have a teacher or guide that can keep you grounded and hold you accountable as you walk along The Path. But ultimately, one must walk through the fire alone, get burned and learn temperance and the lessons for one's Self. Experience is our best teacher. And at the end of the day, the miracle that you are can only be demonstrated in the your dharma, your integrity and your commitment to the service of humanity. 

In Light and Love, 
Mama Luz