Saturday, December 24, 2011


"The deeper secrets and laws of our being are self-protected; to learn them requires an adaptation of character and purpose, and a humility of mind and spirit, inconsistent with those displayed by the perverse or merely curious enquirer. To understand, let alone practically to explore, the Hermetic Mystery is not for every one--at least, at his present state of evolutional unfolding. . . . Only to those whose spiritual destiny has already equipped them with a certain high measure of moral and intellectual fitness will even a rough notional apprehension of it be practicable."

- Mary A. Atwood, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11-11-11 Meditation for Self Mastery

A very special meditation for a very special day although this set and meditation can be done on any other given day, we are setting our intention for new beginnings and we are harnessing the power of the magical number, 11, on this auspicious day 11-11-11. 

"The numerology number eleven is one of the special numbers known as a master number. As a master number this number vibrates at a higher frequency than other numbers. As such, there is a great deal of power that comes with this master number." For more information on the number eleven: Master Number 11

We will be doing a short yoga set to stimulate our pineal gland and then be doing an 11 minute meditation known as the Magic Mantra Meditation.

Begin in easy pose. 

Rub your hands and bring them to prayer pose. Cross left thumb over right if you are female, right over left if you are male. This is because the body is divided in half. Male/Sun on the right and Female/Moon on the left. 

Chant the Adi mantra: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO 3x's 

Kundalini Yoga Set to Become Intuitive

Place your left hand on your heart center and your right finger pointing towards the ceiling, with the other fingers locked down. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale whistling. Do this exercise for 7 minutes.

Put your right head slightly above your head as if you were blessing your self. The left hand has the index finger pointing towards the ceiling and the other fingers locked down. Continue with the same breath. Inhaling deeply through the nose and exhaling whistling. Do this exercise for 4 minutes.

Lock your hands in prayer mudra above your head. Continue with the same breath. Consciously re-circulate your energy giving your self new life. Do this for 2 1/2 minutes.

Put your right hand over your left on your heart center. Sit, relax and breathe normally.
Do this for 3 1/2 minutes.

Press your hands against your navel and chant: HAR pumping the navel on the HAR.

To finish lock your elbows (like a jeanie) Inhale and squeeze all of your muscles including the spine. Hold the breath for 10-15 seconds (not minutes I messed up on the video if you held your breath for 15 minutes you would either be dead or enlightened lol). Repeat this sequence two more times.

Now for the meditation...

Put your hands in front of you like a little cup with your thumbs sticking out. Pinkies are togther with the "line of mercury" aligned. Try to minimize the gaps in between your fingers.

Close your eyes and look at your hands through your eyelids. 

Chant: EK ONG KAAR SAT GUR PRASAAD in a monotone.

Continue for 11 minutes...

Finish by reciting the  Warrior Healer's Affirmations

Hold your hands in Gyan Mudra. Thumbs pressed against your index finger. Other fingers are straight. Wrists resting on your knees.

Close the session by chanting: SAT NAM (Truth is my Identity) 3x's

Bring your hands to your forehead and your forehead to the floor.

There it is! We be doin' it! Yeah yeah!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ishnaan: The Science of Hydro-Therapy

The power of water is 60% of the power of the human
-Yogi Bhajan

The cold weather is upon us! Not only does it affect our physcial health but it also affects our mental health. If you are one of those people that develops a mild depression during the winter months due to the lack of Vitamin D from the sun and the drop in your body temperature, also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), I HIGHLY recommend the science of Ishnaan. Ishnaan in short is taking cold showers. "Ishnaan is when the body by its own virtue creates the temperature that it can beat off the coldness of the water. (Y.B.)" Yes, you heard it...cold showers all year long even in the winter. I am not saying, get in the cold water from the jump. If you can handle that...God bless you! I am not that evolved. But what I will describe, is what I do and what has worked for me. 

I take my regular hot shower then I slowly turn down the hot water and ease into the cold water til the hot water is off. I do my extremities first, hands/arms, feet/thighs, then torso and lastly the head. Then I vigorously massage my body til my body heats up and then I massage my feet (not with my hands) but left foot massages the right foot and then the right massages the left. Due to the acupressure points in your feet you are essentially massaging your entire body and internal organs. Then I let the water run down the front of my neck, and let the water run down my entire body for a couple of minutes. This totally changes your cells.

Why a cold shower?:

• Opens up your capillaries
• Flushes your organs
• Keeps the blood chemistry young and healthy
• Stimulates the healthy secretion of the glandular system
• And's orgasmic

It is said, "If I with my body can conquer the chilliness of the water. I can take away the chilliness of my life." Let me know how it goes!

- Mama Luz

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Amrit Vela-Ambrosial Hours

These are the hours when the planet Earth and the self are passing through twilight zones of Time and Space. These hours are from 4am to 7am and 4pm to 7pm. In the morning  it is called Amrit Vela in the evening it it called "prayer time." 

Any meditation done in a state of unison at that time gives us a clear tomorrow and erases the cause of sorrow which we seed through our thoughts. Through meditation we stand redeemed. It is called Mokosha, Nirvanaa, redemption, or liberation.

The balance we achieve will in the end account for our exit from the planet and for our merger with God, or for our next incarnation.

This, in essence, completes and explains the theory of cause and effect, the theory of reincarnation, the theory of the akashic record, or ava gavan.

-Yogi Bhajan

Saturday, August 27, 2011

120 Day Meditation to Make the Impossible...Possible

Greetings R & B Yogis!
Apologies for the rush job on the video and the blog but I didnt want to take my chances with Hurricane Irene. So I whipped it up and here it is! 
2012 is around the corner and we have been preparing for the possible shift of the earth's axis and the definite shift in consciousness for almost three years. Can you believe it! SO much has My deepest gratitude to all the participants past and present that have walked with me through the fire. Its been intense and transformative. We have helped each other rise out of the ashes and will continue to due so well in to the futurel Insa'allah! Have you noticed as we approach the new year, it is more apparent that ever with all the natural disasters and the uprisings in the Arab world, the veils are getting thinner and thinner and transformation is happening faster? I glad we are awake!
SO, here are the details for the meditation:
We will meditate every day for 120 days starting Sept. 1st. It will take us a couple days shy of the new year Jan. 1st 2012. If you fall off the meditation, start back up again. Try to complete at least a 40 day cycle. You can meditate any time of the day although optimum times are 2 hours before sunrise or sunset. Begin with 11 minutes and if you are feeling ambitious take it up to 31 minutes.
Begin in easy pose (with your legs crossed). If you have knee problems you can sit on top of a pillow. Or if you become fatigued from sitting for long periods of time, you can lean against a wall or couch.
Rub your hands together and bring them into prayer pose (left thumb over right if you are female and right thumb over left if you are male). Take a deep breath, inhaling through your nose and chant the ADI MANTRA:
On two breaths sipping air in between "mo" and "guru" through a circled mouth.
The mantra is:
Your palms are resting on your knees palms up.
The mudra:
SA-means Infinity. Press your thumb and index (Jupiter) finger together.
TA-means Life. Press your thumb and middle (Saturn) finger together.
NA-means Death. Press your thumb and ring (Sun) finger together.
MA-means Rebirth. Press your thumb and pinky (Mercury) finger together.
You get the idea? You repeat the same mudra with the subsequent sounds:
RA-means Sun. Press your thumb and your thumb and index (Jupiter) finger together.
MA-means Moon. Press your thumb and middle (Saturn) finger together.
DA-means Earth. Press your thumb and ring (Sun) finger together.
SA-means Infinity. Press your thumb and pinky (Mercury) finger together.
SA-means Infinity. Press your thumb and your thumb and index (Jupiter) finger together.
SAY-means "I." Press your thumb and middle (Saturn) finger touch finger together.
SO-means "am." Press your thumb and ring (Sun) finger together.
HUNG-means "thou." Press your thumb and pinky (Mercury) finger together.
Got it? If you have questions or concerns, I will answer them in the discussion group.
Bring your hands to GYAN MUDRA (or prayer pose)
Recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations:
Warrior Healers Affirmations
Chant LONG SAT NAM on one breath 3 x's
So there it is! The discussions will be held in love and confidence through FACEBOOK. Friend me if you havent already. And dont forget to drop a little sumthin sumthin in the beggars bowl at the bottom of the page. The suggested heart donation is a minimum $10. 
Lets do it! Raise our consciousness...raise the consciousness of the planet...Kundalini Up-rising! Woo woo!

Friday, June 3, 2011

TERSHULA KRIYA (Thunderbolt of Shiva)

Greetings new and returning R & B yogis!

Here we are once again putting ourselves into the fire of purification, rather than having our life circumstances throw us in! It's much better to surrender than to resist because what will be already is! We will be doing this meditation over the next 40 days. Optimum times for meditation are 2 hours before sunrise or sunset...please do not beat yourself up about this...the most important thing is to establish a daily spiritual practice and come to the realization that a practice is necessary for your well being and completion in this lifetime. We will discuss our experiences in our healing collective on FACEBOOK. This is a therapeutic group. Everything that is shared is held in confidence. The more you give the more you will receive from this experience. So I really encourage participants to be honest and share what is going on in their lives and how the practice is helping their personal growth. When one rises, we all rise. 

Begin in easy pose, with your legs crossed. Rub your hands and bring them to prayer pose pressing your thumbs against your sternum. (Cross left over right if you are female, right over left if you are male).
Chant the ADI MANTRA: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO 3x's on two breaths. 

The Mudra:
With palms open, place your right hand on top of your left on a slight angle.Inhale through your nose. Slightly pull in the navel while holding the breath. Mentally project the mantra:


Hold on to the breath for as long as you can. While mentally projecting the mantra, visual a white light surrounding your hands. When you cant hold onto the breath any longer, exhale and visualize lightening shooting out from your fingertips. When the breath is out, pull a "root lock" by squeezing your anus (yes, I said it!), sex organs and navel. Again mentally projecting the mantra, as long as you can. Then repeat the process all over again. We are going to start off with 11 minutes and work our way up to 31 minutes.

Notes on the meditation:
Tershula is the thunderbolt of Shiva (one of the HIndu Trinity of gods): Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Shiva is the destroyer or the generator. Tershula can activate the self-healing process. This meditation gives you the ability to heal at a distance, through your touch or through your projection. Many psychological disorder or imbalances in the personality can be cured through the practice of this kriya, and it is helpful in getting rid of phobias, especially father phobia. It is suggested that this meditation be done in a cool room, or at night when the temperature is cooler, since it directly stimulates the kundalini and generates a great deal of heat in the body.

Close by repeating the Warrior Healer Affirmations
Rub your hands together and bring them to prayer pose.
Chant SAT NAM on one breath 3xs. Bring your hands to your forehead and bring your head and hands to the floor AND THERE YOU ARE!!!

Please do not forget to drop a little sumthin sumthin in the beggars bowl at the bottom of the blog. The suggested heart exchange is $10. Contributing more is greatly appreciated! Please do not make me hunt you down. You pay the doctor at the time of visit, yes? Whether you use his recommendation, or not, has nothing to do with him, he did his job. Think of Luz as A LOT more than a doctor, more like a shaman. Anyone that has worked with me knows this. SO, there is my speech on Divine exchange.Please dont make me repeat it. I am tired of the same old is time to create new music!

P.S. and if you arent "participating" in our group and you are doing it on your own gangsta style by taking the information and runnin...please drop something in the beggars bowl anyways...God is taking notes ; )

Lets do this! Vibrate infinity!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Donation Based Kundalini Yoga in Brooklyn

Raise your Kundalini energy and your awareness with Asana (yoga postures), Pranayam (breathing techniques), Mantra (use of sound to alter thought patterns and brain chemistry), Mudra (hand positions to channel energy flow) and Meditation (quieting the mind to promote mental clarity and self-awareness) to soulful grooves, beatz and rarities.

Kundalini lies at the base of the spine. Kundalini is sexual energy, creative energy. When pranic energy is cultivated and raised, it can unlock our infinite potential. When the energy in the lower triangle (1st, 2nd, 3rd chakra) is stagnant and/or stuck, we become fearful, uncompromising, and angry.

With this yoga, we break through the blockages in our chakras, alter our life condition and heal life-times of karma.

It is said that Kundalini is the fastest way to create transformation.

Class is given by Sufi poet/healer LUZ:

Monday eve. from 7pm to 8pm

1501 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221

(Take the J train to Halsey)

BYOM (bring your own yoga mat)

Suggested Divine Exchange of $10

Bring a friend and your class is FREE! (that means your friend has to pay ; ) Or you each pay $5!!!

Hope to see you there!

Spread the word...spread love!

Any questions? Email me:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Excel and Build Your Healing Force

Greetings R & B Yogis!
So we are back with another round of 40 days of meditation. This meditation is to excel despite all deficiencies. Sounds good to me! 
Begin in easy pose, with your legs crossed. Rub your hands and bring them to prayer pose pressing your thumbs against your sternum.
Chant the ADI MANTRA
ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO 3x's on two breaths. Refer to the YouTube video for details.
The meditation entails just a mudra. The inner focus is on the navel and the breathing is in and out the nose at your own rhythm.
The mudra is VENUS MUDRA with your hands interlaced. Women have the left thumb on the outside, Men will have the right thumb on the outside.
Bring your hands above your head forming a halo. Remain in this position for 11 minutes. If you experience discomfort in your shoulders bring your arms down til the pain subsides then resume the position.
The notes on this meditation are:
This meditation uses the physical flow of your energy to activate the body's healing force.
Close the meditation by chanting SAT NAM 3x's on one breath.
SO there it is! Seems simple enough, 40 days...11 minutes a day! Lets see where this meditation takes us...always healing and ascending!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Greetings Yogis!
In an effort to continue Rhythm and Breath's mission to make Kundalini Yoga and Meditation accessible and affordable we are exploring all virtual tools. Our latest incarnation will be live stream classes! As soon as I have a schedule I will let all interested parties know. So let me know what times you are interested in...morn./eve/weekdays/weekends. Also topics you are interested in exploring. Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a prescription for whatever ails you physically, emotionally or spiritually. Please let me know what your needs are, more than likely they are communal needs.

So to kick us off...our first class, will be in celebration of the Spring equinox. We will be doing a set WORKING ON THE METABOLISM. For this, you will need a "P" fruit (pear, peach, papaya, pineapple, plum). P fruits have special healing enzymes and store pranic energy. In this set we will be blessing our fruit and healing our physical and pranic bodies.

The meditation we will be doing is for healing. You will be able to send healing energy to a loved one, or you can send healing to the people of Japan. Your energy and love count!

To close, I will be taking you through a guided imagery, very similar to hypnosis. This will leave you rejuvenated and prepared to bloom into Spring!


SUNDAY March 20th @ 6pm EDT

Here is the link to my LIVE STREAM channel:

Rhythm & Breath LIVE STREAM

Rhythm & Breath provides donation based Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, spiritual and therapeutic counseling.

A heart donation of $5 minimum will be greatly appreciated and can be made through the BEGGARS BOWL at the bottom of our blog page. 
We look forward to sharing more ways to heal and transform your life using this new medium.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meditation to Erase the Auric Imprint of Your Sexual Partners

Greetings R & B Yogis!

This meditation is for the ladies and is POWER-FULL! The meditation is to be done everyday for 1 hour for 90 days. Anytime before midnight. Although optimum meditation times are 2 hours before sunrise or 2 hours before sunset.

About the auric imprint:

Yogic science says that your aura is imprinted with every man you sleep with. And she carries the subtle essence of that man FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. She carries his memory as an imprint in her arc-line in her aura. These imprints can impact her aura and can inhibit her search to connect with her own identity. These imprints disturb her projection as an individual.

In our process group, we will be discussing our personal relationship with our selves, the responsibility of being a divine woman, our confusion between love and sex, what our interpersonal relationships reflect to us and what aspects of our self are they trying to heal.

Details for the meditation:
Begin sitting in easy pose, with legs crossed.
Rub your hands together and bring them to prayer pose:
We begin as we begin every session with the Adi Mantra:

ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO (I bow to the Divine teacher within)

We chant this 3x's on two breaths to fully vibrate the mantra in our heart center not our throats.

The Kriya is as follows:


#1: Pressing thumbs against index finger, associated with the planet Jupiter which represents knowledge.
#2: Pressing thumbs against middle finger, associated with the planet Saturn which represents wisdom.
#3: Pressing thumbs against ring finger, associated with the sun which represents vitality.
#4: Pressing thumbs against pinky finger, associated with the planet mercury which represents communication.

We coordinate the mudra with the mantra:

SAA (infinity)/Mudra #1

TAA (life)/Mudra #2

NAA (death)/Mudra #3

MAA (rebirth)/Mudra #4

You chant:
20 minutes aloud in the voice of Humans (of the world)
20 minutes whispering in the voice of Lovers (longing to belong)
20 minutes silent in the voice of the Divine (infinity)

After you have completed one hour of meditation, conclude by reaching to the sky and take a couple deep breaths.

Rub your hands together. Bring them to prayer pose. 
Recite the Warrior Healer's Affirmations


Chant Long SAT NAM on one breath 3 x's

Bring your hands to your forehead and your forehead and hands to the floor. This seals the work in your frontal lobe and feeds blood into your brain.

SO there it is! I look forward to what this round of mediation is always fascinating and life transforming!

Sat to the Nam!

Mama Luz

*If you benefit in any way from Rhythm & Breath, please support us by making a heart donation in the "beggars bowl" at the top of the blog page. All proceeds go to the research, dissemination and production of mystical tools to assist seekers along the Path. Thanks in advance for your support. All assistance is humbly received and appreciated! "The student that arrives empty handed...leaves empty handed." Yogi Bhajan said that not I. PLEASE NOTE: Gangsta yogis will be delt with by a Higher Authority.*

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Make the Impossible Possible in 2011!

Happy New Year Rhythm and Breath Yogis! We are pleased to announce our first workshop of the year: "Make the Impossible Possible." Hosted by Nicholas Brooklyn and Movement Specialist/Sufi Healer and Master Poet Jamila Ram Rattan (formerly known as Luz). 

This workshop will consist of a lecture discussing the chakra system, sound vibration, and self-healing and 
a yoga set to Remove Body Blocks and a meditation to Make the Impossible…Possible.

WHEN: Sunday January 23
TIME: 6pm-9pm

So rock your spandex, or your sweats and raise your Kundalini energy with:

• Asana (yoga postures)
• Pranayam (breathing techniques)
• Mantra (use of sound to alter thought patterns and brain chemistry)
• Mudra (hand positions to channel energy flow)
• Meditation (quieting the mind to promote mental clarity)

Yoga class will be accompanied by soulful grooves, beatz and rarities.

A special treat not to be missed filled with practical information of a sacred science that has been secret for too long!

If you have any questions contact Jamila