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Friday, March 19, 2010

Visit us on ETSY!

Rhythm and Breath is fundraising to support "donation based yoga and meditation" by selling yoga inspired jewelry. The idea is to make Kundalini Yoga and Meditation accessible to the masses at an affordable price. Many of our pieces were made possible by the generous cash donations, and donations of beads and broken jewelry by our participants in our 40 day meditations. Because some of the beads were donated, the exact origins of the stones are unknown. Some beads that we can identify, come from from Brazil, Africa and China. The pieces are inspired by nature, feng shui, and Sufism. All pieces have been prayed on as they were being constructed. So, not only do they have the healing properties of the semi-precious stones, but have healing LOVE put into them. Please check out our chokers and lariats on Etsy.  If you like what you see, please add rhythmandbreath on Etsy to your favorites! And if you would like to contribute monetarily, there is a donation button at the bottom of this blog. Or, if you would like to help us by donating beads, or broken jewlery, contact us at

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