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Friday, August 27, 2010

TRIBAL CHIC...Fashion with Compassion

Greetings R & B Yogis!

Check out our line of One-of-a-Kind handcrafted earrings fit for a yogi, queen, goddess...YOU! No two woman are the same...neither is our jewelry. Some beads have been generously donated to our bead collective by participants in our 40 day meditations. Earrings are constructed with beads made from wood, seeds, metal, resin, horn, bone and semi-precious stones that have healing properties. So our earrings not only make you look fab but they make you radiate electro-magnetically, they ground and protect. To order, send a FB message, or email, specifying the NUMBER next to the earring description, your shipping address, and make your donation through our PAYPAL button at the bottom of the page. Each pair of earrings is $15 dollars plus $5 shipping and handling.

Part of the proceeds from sales go to a movement arts education project we are developing to bring yoga, meditation and other healing movement modalities to under-served communities in the states and abroad.  Every pair of earrings is a mantra and has been blessed with prayer. So shop guilt free and send positive causes into the universe by supporting Rhythm and Breath, donation based Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Sat Nam, Namaste, Asalaam Walaikum, Shalom!

#1:metal, black onyx SOLD
#2:brass, raw wood, sunstone, carnelian SOLD
#3:bone, metal, african resin SOLD
#4:amber, wood, carnelian SOLD
#5:wood, raw wood, sunstone SOLD
#6:carnelian, brass, glass SOLD
#7:copper, wood, glass SOLD
#8:glass, brass, agate
#9:tibetan dzi stone, carnelian SOLD
#10:brass, wood, horn, coconut shell SOLD
#11:wood, carnelian, raw wood, glass SOLD
#12:raw wood, ceramic, glass SOLD
#13:wood, glass, hematite SOLD
#14:glass, wood, ceramic, seed
#15:glass, lemon jade, metal SOLD
#16:wood, amber, raw wood, polyethylene SOLD
#17:glass, egyptian scarab, carnelian SOLD
#18:metal, glass, african glass, topaz SOLD
#19:raw black onyx, red coral, frosted onyx SOLD
#20:wood, glass, carnelian, egyptian scarab, shell SOLD
#21:leather, polyethylene, fishbone, african glass SOLD
#22:glass, wood, indian glass, african resin, shell SOLD
#23:glass, red coral, topaz SOLD
#24:metal, indian glass, african glass, wood SOLD
#25:lemon jade, polyethylene, botswana agate SOLD
#26:seed, glass, topaz SOLD
#27:suede, honey resin SOLD

#28:wood, raw wood, carnelian, glass SOLD

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