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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Death of the Physical Body

Death is not an easy transition for the departed nor for those left behind. Especially, if one does not possess a spiritual foundation and practice to help one consciously prepare for death (directly or indirectly) as we live our life. Death forces us to confront our attachments to the material plane and make us question whether or not we are living up to our human and Divine potential. Dont wait for death to touch with conscious awareness. Every transition is a preparation for death, even in sleep our souls touch death. Life is a tenuous and precious gift. Dont squander it. 

I remember doing this meditation at Golden Bridge LA, when Yogi Bhajan made his transition. It was so beautiful to hear the mantra firing off individually and collectively as yogis would run out of air, inhale and chant again. But, it was not until death touched me a little closer (when my husband made his transition) that I felt the power of the meditation and the significance of death both symbolic and real. It is healing for the departed soul but also helps those left behind in the bereavement process. 

Yogi Bhajan instructs that chanting Akal for 3-17 days for the soul who has physically died assists them to cross over the electromagnetic field. Eleven minutes minimum, but ideally at least 5 people chanting Akal 31 minutes a day for 17 days starting the day of death.

Sitting in easy pose, rub your hands together and bring them to prayer pose.
Begin this meditation as you begin every meditation with the Adi Mantra:
(which means I bow to the Divine wisdom/teacher within)

Mudra: Hold your hands in GYAN MUDRA
(press your index finger against your thumb, wrists on your knees, palms facing up)

Take a deep breath and chant AKAL on one breath. 
(which means that which never dies)

If you are doing this meditation in a group, keep to your own time and breath. Keep the mantra continuous vibrating it into the cosmos relentlessly (like a gong meditation). Sending the message to the departed that, "you did not die...keep on going...onto the next lesson. I let you go."

Continue chanting for 31 minutes. When you are done, send into the cosmos words of encouragement to the departed using their full given birth name.

To close
Rub your hands together and bring them to prayer pose.

Chant on one breath
(which means Truth is my identity)
Bring your hands to your forehead and your hands and forehead to the ground


and so it is...

And DONT forget to thank God, Allah, HaShem for this trial. Light and dark cannot exist without the other.

May this meditation shine Light upon you in this time of darkness. And grant you peace on your journey. Seek Pure Light. It's your h(OM)


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