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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Positive Affirmations

"Positive affirmations program the consciousness to be in alignment with the soul." 

The positive mind is one of three mental bodies, the others being the negative mind and the neutral mind.  It's qualities are positivity, equality and trust. The positive mind sees the good in everything.  It's job is to calculate what is going right.  It keeps the light shining strong no matter how dark things get. The positive mind corresponds to the navel center, to the seat of will, so a strong positive mind leads you to be action-oriented and organized. Your body is fit and your mind is sharpest.  When your positive mind is sharpest, you can see that all good comes from the Creator and that all beings have access to this good, which makes everyone equal. -Yogi Bhajan

A good way to strengthen the positive mind is with positive affirmations. The recitation of positive affirmations is as much of  a meditative practice as incantation. But because they are in our native language they have a different power over our psyche than mantras in ancient languages. The language of our birth has everything to do with our karma as much as the spiritual traditions we gravitate towards. Birth: Finite...Spiritual:Infinite. These two bodies are constantly tugging on one another.

When we begin reciting Positive Affirmations, we dont fully believe what we are saying because our conditioned negative self talk contradicts our inherent infinite Truth. We feel silly or we feel like we are lying to ourselves. Even though you feel uncomfortable...STICK WITH IT! It is your negative mind that is negating your Truth. The more you say the Positive Affirmations, the more you will embody them in your bodies (physical, spiritual, emotional). And these truths, your Truth, will become second nature. 

Rhythm & Breath Yogis recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations after every session. Why "warriors" because we are victors of our karma not victims. Why "healers?" Because we have incarnated and embarked upon The Path because we seek our own healing, and in healing our selves we heal that which surrounds us.


What we think, we become...


I am infinite abundance and boundless prosperity.

I have unlimited potential, at this and every moment; I am the seed of creation.

I patiently await for what is mine; My destiny is already written.

I accept everything that comes to me, light and shadow, with graciousness and humility; Every thing is an extension of my Being.

I have a healthy detachment to objects and situations because I realize the transient nature of things; Nothing is permanent.

I use my awareness to raise my own consciousness, that of my family, my community and the cosmos; My existence is not in vain.

I am protected on all sides, at all times; I walk the straight path with no fear.

I trust and surrender to the process; Divine Loving Hands move all.

-Luz Emma Cañas Madrigal aka Jamila Ram Rattan

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