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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We begin every session with the Adi Mantra: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO. It takes us from our current state of being, to an elevated state of Being. The mantra is in the sacred Eastern language Gurmuki and this is the English translation:

Ong: Infinite Creative Energy in manifestation and activity.
Namo: Reverent greetings
Guru: Teacher 
Dev: Divine of God
Namo: Reaffirms humility and reverence

Together the phrase means: "I bow to the Divine teacher within" another interpretation is, "I bow to the Infinite Wisdom within." It is to be chanted on one breath, if possible, but I like to chant it on two breaths. Mantra Girl, Erin Kamler, hipped me to that technique back in the day. I used to take class at her home studio in Beverly Hills and it has served me well ever since. I find that I dont lose power in my breath, projection, and I can vibrate the mantra more in my heart center. 

The Adi Mantra is to be chanted, not sung. Chanting is not singing. It is to elevate your consciousness and to induce trance like states through a monotone, droning, consistent and steady rhythm. It drives me bananas when yogis want to sing opera, or acapella, in class. Meditation is for devotion not for stroking ones ego. So, if you are not a singer or recording artist, keep the singing in the shower. 

We repeat the Adi Mantra 3 times to tune in before we begin our Kundalini Yoga practice. When we chant this mantra, we are affirming: we are what we seek. All the wisdom of the ages, and of all the gurus and ascended masters, is accessible to us when we plug into our Highest Self. There is no God to be sought in the hereafter, only God here, and now. 

To get a better idea on how the mantra should be chanted, listen here:

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Sat Nam!

-Luz aka Jamila R.

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