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Monday, March 16, 2020

D.I.Y Coffee Filter Face Mask

Looks like shit has hit the fan, R & B Yogis. Some of y'all that have been meditating long enough with me know that mama didn't raise no dummy. Like most of you, I am taking care of my temple eating well and doing copious research. Ravenously reading about COVID-19 symptoms, natural remedies, and possible outcomes the worst being death. At best, if one recovers, one loses 50 % of one's lung capacity. Yikes! I am trying to balance the information I gather with my own inner wisdom. I am sure you are met with the same challenges. Now that our lives, as we have conceptualized them, are unraveling, I am seeing the need to hold space again virtually through this blog. It served me, and possibly you, during other transitions in a not so distant past.

The main reason I am back here is to share an idea I was struck with randomly which happens to me usually during meditation, or in the shower, but this one came to me while I was watching the documentary, Pandemic. FYI: it is not that great of a documentary and is really just a glorified commercial for vaccinations and surveillance. But might be worth watching as we all will become guinea pigs for human trials for a COVID-19 vaccine. But back to my need to share and Rhythm & Breath, it wouldn't make sense for me to reinvent the wheel and start a new blog on some revolutionary shit. I am still the same person I've always been...deeply spiritual and radical. Some of us are just now coming around while some of us have been here. This health and financial crisis will ask us to use both critical thought and our intuitions. Like you, I have read and seen how other countries are responding to COVID-19. Some countries have been swift, others like our own are lagging and letting us essentially fend for ourselves. We can all agree that the authorities are not being completely forthcoming and it is best to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I have read and watched interviews and taken notes on how other countries are given face masks for free and are required to wear them in public. I think it is wise for all of us to cover our nose and mouths when out in public space to minimize the inhalation of liquid or solid particulate and the possible spread of dis-ease. I believe the only reason the authorities are deterring the use of masks is because there is a shortage. They don't want people hording them when medical and healthcare professionals need them most. I get it. But like my mama says: it is better to prevent than to lament. So I bring you...the coffee filter mask!!! It doesn't have the best air circulation but in a crunch to get you out of the house and back it is working for my household. Plus most of us drink coffee and more than likely have coffee filters at home. Or you can get your hands on some. At least there isn't a shortage of coffee filters, yet. I have tested mine and it is breathable yet doesn't let liquid out or in. Who knew, coffee could possibly save our lives?!

All you need is the following materials:
Box of Coffee filters
Stapler with staples of course
Duck Tape
1) Fortify the top corners of the coffee filter with duck tape. 
2) Fold bandana into a triangle.
3) Place the coffee filter in the center
4) Staple the top corner edges to the bandana. 

5) Fold the bottom corner tip under the coffee filter.

6) Shape to your nose and mouth
7) Tie around your head.  

Voila! Minimize exposure to The Rona and keep it cute. Use when you go into pubic spaces only when you absolutely have to. You can swap out the filter and dispose after each use and reuse the bandana. Don't forget to wash the bandana every so often and hang in the sun. And don't forget to stick up your pretty Saturn fingers cuz FUCK RONA! We will survive this. We have already been through so much, right?! And even if we don't...our souls will be prepared for what lies beyond.

I will be back with meditations to help ease the reverberations of this horrible pandemic that could have been slowed down and contained if we had a government that gave a fuck.
Know that I do. Always have. I just had to take a break to address some family matters. But time is infinite and so is one's karmic family. I miss y'all. So grab your turbans and meet me in the ethers. SOON!

Sat Nam, 
Mama Luz

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