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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keeping Steady on the Path

Greetings R & B Yogis!

So we gather again for another round of 40 days of meditation. For those that are new to Rhythm & Breath, we are a collective of warrior-healers, healing ourselves to heal our family systems, our communities and our world. (Warrior-healers? "Warriors" because we are victors of our karma, not victims. We fight for our self-preservation with every breath and every projection. Why "healers?" Because we have incarnated and embarked upon the Path because we seek our own healing, and realize that in healing our selves we heal that which surrounds us.) Pertinent information (ie. instructional videos and written descriptions) are disseminated virtually through YOUTUBE and this blog, and our experience with the practice is discussed confidentially through a private group on FACEBOOK. 
This meditation will assist us to stay steady on the Path. 

What is the Path? A very poignant question indeed! The Path actually doesnt lead to a destination per se. The Path is a way of Being that is entirely based on faith, not a spiritual tradition or religion. There are definitely maps, that can be provided to you by a spiritual teacher, guru or master, yet the "way" and the journey are completely individual. What we are attempting to attain is God-realization, also known as union (yoga) with the Creator/God. 

As you advance along the Path, you will encounter obstacles, sinister characters, helpers, and forces that will try to derail you. There are also our own internal barriers that keep you from actualizing that which you desire. Know that often times what we desire, may not be aligned with Divine will and destiny. Meditation helps us clear our Karma and get clarity on what is deeply in our hearts and how we can fulfill our life's purpose and realize completion in this lifetime, also known as Dharma. 

The Path begins with, and leads you to, your Highest Self which leads you to God within. A long, arduous, and complicated journey to wind up right where you started! Although you are the same spirit, in the same body, you are eternally transformed...something only the journey can teach. And the spiritual investment you have made carries over with you into the next realm and incarnation. Amen! 

So lets go!


To start we begin in Easy Pose, which is your legs crossed one in front of the other. If you are unable to sit on the floor, you may sit on a cushion, prop your knees up with two pillows, or you may sit in a chair. 

Rub your hands together and bring them into PRAYER POSE. Inhale through your nose and chant the ADI MANTRA: Ong Na Mo Guru Dev Namo ("I bow to the Divine Teacher within") on two breaths. Repeat 2 more times.

Listen to the Adi Mantra here:


Still sitting in easy pose, place your right palm on the back of your left hand. Both palms face down in front of your heart center. Your eyes are 1/10th open and you are focusing on the tip of your nose through the slit of your eyes with them crossed.




(Hari Naam means Name of God. Sat Naam means Truth is His name).

Take a deep inhale and on one breath you will attempt to chant the mantra 3xs. If you are unable to do it 3xs on one breath, work your way up beginning with one repetition, then two, etc. Your lung capacity will increase as you progress in the practice. 

You will continue to hold the position for 11 to 31minutes. Set your intention before you sit for meditation and see your time through completion. You can rest your arms if they start hurting then return to the mudra.

When you have completed the meditation, bring your hands to GYAN MUDRA (thumbs pressing against your thumb with your hands resting on your knees) or PRAYER POSE and recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations.

Bring your hands to Prayer Pose and chant LONG SAT NAM ("Truth is my Identity") on one breath. Do this 3xs. Bring your hands in Prayer Pose up to your forehead and bring your head and hands to the floor to seal the work in your frontal lobe.

And there we are R & B Yogis! Lets keep steady on the Path!

Please do not  forget to drop a lil somethin in the beggars bowl at the top of the blog page if you benefit in any way from Rhythm & Breath. All your contributions go to the maintenance of the blog and production of instructional videos. We are working hard to improve the production quality of Rhythm & Breath videos, music and more! 

"The student that arrives empty handed...leaves empty handed." -Yogi Bhajan 

If you have any questions, you know where to find me. I'm looking forward to seeing you in the circle.

Salaam/Shalom/Sat Nam!

-Mama Luz aka Jamila R.

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