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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Heeding the Call...

"If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it. It means that as a teacher of righteousness and truth, you must master the truth itself. You must become a living truth." -Yogi Bhajan

One is called to teach in pre-eternity and one's preparation, is one's life experience. You can only teach what you know. You only know what you experience. You only experience what is destined. A teacher is much more than a guide of your conscious choosing. A teacher is a symbolic parent. The same bliss, tension, and healing one goes through with one's child, one goes through with one's students. Not all individuals that come to class is your student. Most show up to take information/energy, few come to give and even less come to develop a Divine relationship where there is an exchange of information/energy. Divine relating is equal parts bliss and pain. Most students are not ready for this. 

The seeker-guide relationship should be a conscious and mutual agreement. A good teacher knows the sanctity and seriousness of this relationship and therefore cannot and does not accept all seekers/students. One prepares for this immense responsibility from your first conscious breath of the day, your first conscious thought, your daily spiritual practice, the manner in which you prepare for the day (bathe, eat, pray/meditate), how you use your time, and how you purify your heart so that which you teach is transmitted from a place of Truth and humility. All of these tools: pranayam, prayer, meditation, spiritual cleansing, etc. are a teacher's necessary spiritual armor. But you would not have heeded the call if it was not your destiny and your calling. Know that you were born ready! 

If you are interested in teaching and would like to know more about Rhythm & Breath's Teacher's Training/Life Mastery program contact Luz via email: It is an independent study program and is done on your own time, at your own pace. The cost is $2,700. This includes part of the reading material (some of the books are worth owning for future reference), instructional videos, classes and lectures. There is also a support system in place to ease the tension of the cost. Inquire if need be. If you have any other questions, you may contact me in the email provided above. 

Sat Nam, Shalom, Salaam...  

<3 Mama Luz

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