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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Projection and Protection of the Heart

Greetings Yin Yogis!
This meditation consists of a mantra and mudra. It is easy in comparison to the other meditations we have done along the year.
SO we begin as we begin every session with the tuning into our highest consciousness and the prophets, gurus and sages of the ages with the ADI MANTRA: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO. This means that I bow to the Divine Wisdom within, and another translation is I bow to the Divine teacher within.
So rub your hands together, cross your left thumb over your right for the ladies, Right side is the sun side, and analytical side of the brain. Left side is the moon side, the heart and moon side, and the emotional side of the brain. Press your thumbs against your sternum in prayer pose and chant the ADI MANTRA on 2 breaths. This you can observe in the video that will be sent to you once I have confirmation of your participation and have received your heart donation.
The Mantra:

AAD GURAY NAMEH (I bow to the Primal Wisdom)
JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH (I bow to the Wisdom through the Ages)
SAT GURAY NAMEH (I bow to the True Wisdom)
SIREE GUROO DAYVAY NAMEH (I bow to the Great, Unseen Wisdom)
AAD GURAY NAMEH as you extend your arms
JUGAAD GURAY NAMEH as you bring them back to prayer pose
SAT GURAY NAMEH as you extend your arms again
SIREE GUROO DAYVAY NAMEH as you bring then back to prayer pose again
If you can, chant the mantra on one deep breath. 
Continue for 11 minutes
To Close: Recite the prayer/blessing The Long Time Sun:

May the Long Time Sun shine upon you
All love surround you 
And the pure light within you guide your way on
You can recite the Warrior Healers Affirmations. 
Warrior Healer's Affirmations
I prefer to do this. It never hurts to affirm the Truths that you are.
Chant 3 long SAT NAMS on one breath. Sat Nam means Truth is my identity. Chant this mantra 3xs. Bring your hands up to your forehead and bring your forehead down to the floor to seal the work in your frontal lobe.
This meditation gives you an enchanting magnetic personality, with many unexpected friends. This mantra surrounds the magnetic field with protective light.
Who doesnt need new friends and to be surrounded with protective light! 2011 is off to a positive start!
Please DO NOT forget to make your donation of a MINIMUM of $10 made payable through PAYPAL. There is a virtual beggars bowl at the bottom of the page. "The student that arrives empty handed leaves empty handed"-Yogi Bhajan
Thank you for your interest and support of donation based Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.
Sat Nam!

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