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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Personal Daily Meditation-Sadhana

In Kundalini circles, traditional sadhana consists of these elements:

• It is done during the ambrosial hours 
• One recites Japji: Seik Holy Prayer
• 30 minute Kundalini Yoga Set
• Meditation. Usually the Aquarian Sadhana Mantras but most yogis do their own personal meditations at this time.
In my humble opinion, if you have already a spiritual or religious tradition, and if you are content with it and it is working for you thus far, stick to those in lieu of appropriating a culture not your own. For me, the most vital part of personal sadhana is keeping to a daily meditation practice. That is what sadhana literally means: personal daily spiritual practice. Ultimately, the practice is for you. And from there, your personal healing will have a ripple effect on those around you. The very reason why  warrior healers affirm: "I raise my own consciousness that of my family my community and the cosmos: my existence is not in vain." 

Yogic science calls for meditation to be for a certain amount of days and a certain amount of time to achieve desired effects:

Significance of time:

• 3 minutes-affects the electromagnetic field and the circulation of the blood
• 11 minutes-changes the nerves and the glandular system
• 22 minutes-balances the three minds, and they begin to work together
• 31 minutes-allows the glands, breath and concentration to affect all the cells of the body
• 62 minutes-changes the grey matter of the brain
• 2 1/2 hours-changes the psyche in its correlation with the surrounding magnetic field so that the subconscious mind is held firmly in the new pattern by the surrounding universal mind. 

Significance of the amount of days:

• 40 days-changes a habit
• 90 days-confirms the habit
• 120 days-the new habit is who you are
• 1000 days-you have mastered the new habit 

As your subconscious is cleared out, random "stuff" will come up: from what you are going  to eat when you are done meditating, to memories of early childhood trauma, or even past life experiences. Meditation is your chance to bring into consciousness what "is" even if it lies in the recesses of your mind, it still effects you daily. Becoming aware of your "stuff" is an opportunity to exercise detachment from it. Detachment...not in the sense, of being without emotion, or love. But detached from the outcome of the experience. And to see beyond the emotion to seek out the karmic lesson.

We incarnate to heal. Daily meditation is an opportunity to take much needed sacred time, for yourself, to connect to your divinity. It's a gift to your Self, to just listen and receive. Why wait for others to give to you, when you can give to your self. You deserve this...the gift of meditation, at the very least.

Every deposit into your karmic bank, brings new incites into the fabric of your being and your divine purpose. The memories and the emotions associated with the memories may hurt at times. But if we just stick with the practice, we will get closer to living a more honest, complete, and fulfilled life. 

If you are interested in taking on a 40 day personal meditation, the suggested heart donation is $50. I can be contacted at: To get an idea of what a Rhythm & Breath meditation entails, you can check out my YouTube channel. 

Sat Nam, Shalom, Salaam...
Mama Luz

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