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Monday, April 16, 2012

Meditation for Healing

This is a lil taste (literally) and an intro to Rhythm & Breath's on-line healing collective. Rhythm & Breath hosts 40 day meditations that are done individually and shared collectively through a private group on FACEBOOK. Requests to be added to the group may be sent in a message to JAMILA RAM RATTAN. This one day meditation is a diversion from our regular 40 day meditations. This is a meditation for healing and an exercise in self-less/full-ness. Instead of the universe using the heavy hand of experience to annihilate our egos, we are going to gently guide the hand with our projection and intention. Inshallah! God willing! For those that are new to the practice, have strayed, or crash and burned this is an opportunity for you to ease yourself back into the cipher. You may do the meditation anytime before midnight although there are optimum times for meditation. For more information on optimum times for meditation click here: ambrosial hours

You will also need an orange or tangerine. SO I will wait here "X" til you get your fruit. 


YOU READY?! Lets go...

We begin in "easy pose" which is not so easy especially for men who are usually tight in the hips, or knees. Your legs are crossed one in front of the other. If you are unable to sit comfortably in this position, you can prop your buns on a pillow which helps alleviate some of the discomfort. IT IS NOT HALF OR FULL LOTUS POSITION. 

Every session begins with the tuning into our highest consciousness and the prophets, gurus and sages of the ages with the ADI MANTRA: ONG NA MO GURU DEV NA MO. (This means that I bow to the Divine Wisdom within, and another translation is I bow to the Divine teacher within).

Rub your hands together. Cross your right thumb over your left if you are male, left over right if you are female. Press your thumbs against your sternum in prayer pose and chant the ADI MANTRA on 2 breaths. Pay close attention to the breathing demonstrated in the video. We chant this 3xs.

Take the orange in your left hand and bring it to eye level. Your right hand is over your heart. You are gazing at the orange through your eyes which are 1/10th open.


SAT NAM / SAT NAM / SAT NAM / SAT NAM / SAT NAM / SAT NAM / WHAH HE GURU (Meaning "Truth is my identity. Great beyond description is the majesty of God.")

Chant on the fruit for 14.5mins. Intending, receiving and projecting the highest healing energy into the fruit and your heart. Once you have completed the prescribed time of 14.5 minutes. You are going to INHALE and hold onto the breath for a count of 27 seconds EXHALE.

Bring your hands to GYAN MUDRA. Thumbs pressing against your index finger with othr fingers straight. Wrists are resting on your knees with elbows straight. Recite the WARRIOR HEALERS AFFIRMATIONS. To learn them click here: warrior healer's daily affirmations

Close the meditation with 3 LONG SAT NAMS. Chanted on one breath 3xs. (Sat Nam meaning Truth is my Identity).

Bring your hands in prayer mudra up to your forehead and bow to the floor to seal the work in your frontal lobe.

Now you are going to peel the orange and offer it to your love, lover or beloved! If they are not near by, offer it to someone you feel is in need of healing. What is more special than that?! In healing, we are healed. And in healing our selves, those in our karmic group are healed. Its a reciprocal process just like the cosmic orbit. A truly miraculous process...

So there it is my beloved yogis! Any questions, comments or know where to find me.

Be sure to drop a lil sumthin in the "beggars bowl" at the bottom of the page. The suggested heart exchange is $5 MINIMUM. Your contributions help keep donation-based kundalini fires burning. 

"The student that arrives empty handed leaves empty handed." Yogi Bhajan said that, not I.

Sat Nam!

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