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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Abundance Meditation with Orange

Greetings Rhythm & Breath Yogis!

What better way to celebrate the full moon than with a meditation for abundance! This meditation is comprised of three parts. You are going to need an orange/tangerine for the second part. So go ahead and get that orange...I will be waiting right here.

Begin by sitting in easy pose, with your legs crossed, or if this is painful, you may prop your knees up with pillows or sit in a chair. You are going to rub your hands together (stimulating the 72 thousand meridians in your hands connected to your brain) and bring them into prayer pose right in front of your sternum. 
 We begin every session with the ADI MANTRA which is chanted on two breaths 3xs. Remember chanting is NOT is incantation for the purpose of entering into trance states. It is mono tone, droning and soothing. Think of it as a heart beat but it's your own...not your mamas. Isnt that beautiful? All a part of our re-parenting our selves!

Click here to listen. 


Which means, "I bow to the Divine Teacher within."


Make a fist with the left hand and the right hand wrapped around the left hand hugging the fist. Place the mudra 7 inches in front of your heart center with the palms facing down. Breathe long and deep for 17 minutes. Focus on your third-eye.
Take your orange in the left hand with the right hand wrapped around the left hand holding the orange. Palms facing down right in front of the heart center like in part one. Breathe long and deep for 7 minutes. As you sit...Imagine the orange being a symbol for abundance and visualize all that entails for you.
Peel the orange and eat the orange. Take your time and thoroughly taste and embody the essence of prosperity as you chew.
Finish your session, bring your hands into Gyan Mudra (index fingers pressed against your thumbs or prayer pose) and recite the WARRIOR HEALERS AFFIRMATIONS:

Click here for details:


Rub your hands together and bring them into prayer pose and chant LONG SAT NAMS 3xs on one breath. Sat Nam means "Truth is my Identity." 

Bring your hands to your forehead and seal the work into your frontal lobe by bringing your hands and head to the floor in front of you.

"Feel yourself holding your abundance. The hand is your spirit. It is not your hand you are holding: it is Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. The best thing is to know what you have. Sometimes we dont have the power to concentrate and we miss the opportunity. Elementary abundance is in your hand. Your hand will hold it...the breath of life...the breathing prana will be the longest and maximum you will concentrate. That is all that is needed."

Well, Amen to that!

Hope you are feeling abundant and satiated after this meditation!

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Until next time be-loveds!

Peace/shalom/salaam y'all!

Jamila R. aka Mama Luz ;)

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