Beggar's Bowl

Thursday, April 14, 2022


Welcome OG, returning and crash n burning R & B Yogis. Spring is in the air! So is the fever to get out and mingle. But be sure to continue to wear a mask, because we all know how the false sense of security before summer goes. Your health and safety is paramount. For those of you new to Rhythm & Breath, I have been holding space online since 2009. I shoot instructional videos then share them with participants in a confidential group. Currently we are using Instagram @ rhythmandbreathyoga and YouTube: luzemma. After I receive your heart donation of a suggested $20, you will receive instructions on a group thread on IG. There you may ask questions and share whatever might come up from the meditation. This meditation is an easy one. It entails a mudra and a mantra in English. Simple enough!

TO BEGIN: Sit in easy pose with your legs crossed, rub your hands together. Press your thumbs against your sternum. Roll your eyes inward and upward toward your third-eye. If you are unable to sit cross legged, you may sit in a chair and cross your legs/feet underneath your chair. 

On two breaths chant, ONG NA MO GURU DEV NAMO which means I bow to the infinite wisdom within. Do this 3 times. For the proper cadence and pronunciation, purchase my mantra album Urban Mantra

MUDRA: Place your hands in GYAN MUDRA. thumb and index fingers touching. Hands are crossed in front of your heart center without touching your chest. Right hand in front of your left hand. 

EYE FOCUS: Eyes are just closed. There is no particular focus.

MANTRA: Love is love.

TIME: 11 minutes. 

TO END: Inhale and suspend the breath for ten counts holding the mudra then relax.

FINISH: Repeat the Warrior Healer's Affirmations

TO CLOSE: Chant three LONG SAT NAM on one breath. This means Truth is my identity.

There it is R & B Yogis! May our hearts expand and may we receive all the love, in all of its manifestations. The love we dream of and have always deserved, Amin!

Any questions, reach for me on IG. See you in the ethers. 

*If benefit in any way from my blog, please consider dropping donation love in my beggars bowl at the top of the page. In order for the healing circle to close, there should be an energy exchange. At the very least, bless me by name Luz Emma Cañas Madrigal, my family and all my endeavors.*

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