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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Being a Householder

One has to be in the company of Sadhus (people who have realized God or Brahmavids) and sincerely pray to Him for His grace. Literally, one has to incessantly cry or beg to Him to express his/her sincerity to realize Him and to be with Him. Once your heart and mind are purified, you can realize Him. The average human mind is like an iron needle coated with dirt. The dirt is equated to all the mental defilement that we have. These include worldly desires coupled with anger and unethical intentions. God is like a magnet. It does not attract the needle unless the dirt is removed from the needle. When you constantly think and pray to Him, your mind gets purified. Once mind is purified (Shittashuddhi), one can realize God. Its like treating a disease with the right medicine. If you have fever, you don’t take quinine. It is absolutely possible to realize God being a householder. 

One needs to:

• Have Sadhusanga (be in the company of enlightened people)
• Pray sincerely and incessantly with your heart and soul
• Be alone occasionally to think about God. It’s like protecting a growing tree from the likely damage that could be caused by plant-eating animals

- Ramakrishna

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