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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Details for 40 day meditation

Yogic science says that there are certain lengths of time meditations should be done for certain desired effects. The meditation we will be doing is for 11 minutes. 11 minutes of meditation begins to change the nerves and the glandular system. We will be doing this meditation for 40 consecutive days, 11 minutes every day. Because, it takes 40 days to change a habit, 90 days to confirm the habit, 120 days for the new habit is who you are and 1,000 you have mastered the new habit. If you decide to continue for more than 40 days it is up to you, but it must be done for the specific prescribed amount of days stated above.

Sitting in easy pose (legs crossed), with eyes rolled inward towards third eye-brow point, we open with the mantra "ong na mo gu ru dev namo" which means, I bow to the Divine wisdom within. Chant the mantra on one breath if you can. But I like to split it up into two, ong na mo...sip in air...then gu ru dev namo. I have more power in my breath and I feel the vibration in my heart center more. We repeat this mantra 3 times.

Then you will hit the sides of the palms alternately. The focus is on the tip of the nose, with the eyes 1/10th open. 

Pinky fingers,  palms up. 

Then index fingers, palms down. 

Each time they hit you will repeat the mantra "HAR" rolling the "r" slightly pronounced "hud."

Repeating the mantra and mudra consecutively for 11 minutes.

Discover your own rhythm with the mantra, the breath and your body. You may even do the meditation to music of your choice. I have chanted to everything from Punk to Hip Hop. No hypocrisy here, we are the embodiment of the sacred and the profane.

After 11 minutes, sit quietly in GYAN MUDRA: Thumbs pressed against the index finger palms up, elbows straight, elbows on the knees. Allowing the vibration of the mantra to circulate your body, mind and spirit.

To close we return to prayer pose, and we chant on one breath, "SAT NAM." Which means Truth is my identity. We repeat this mantra 3 times.

And there it is! Not so bad, is it?

We are a karmic group now, people. Whether we know each other, or not, we are putting forth something really positive into the universe, together. Healing ourselves, our communities and our families. 

I am really hyped about sharing this ancient knowledge you. I have been using the excuse of not having manifested my yoga studio, yet, as an excuse to not teach. There go virtual yoga, until I manifest the physical space. So, I am honored that you are trusting me as your guide and that you were a part of it from the beginning. And I cant wait to see the abundance we create together. At the end of our 40 days, we will share what we manifest, or if we fell off the practice and missed a day. If that happens, no worries. We are building our own personal spiritual practice.

I will be sending out words of wisdom and encouragement that come to me. Discipline is not easy. If it were, we would all be masters already (which we are we) just haven't realized it yet.

I will be posting the video Thursday night. Excuse our rag tag production (ie. Adrian's finger). It was our first video shoot. We did it "guerilla style" with no tripod. Apologies, we were on the run and had no time to work out the kinks. The full moon is upon us! Just a couple days away! Everything will work itself out in the end, it always does...


- Luz Emma

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  1. Peace, this is my first time coming to your blog and this post is great. This meditation is the first mediation I have done fully on my own w/out music in the back ground and keeping the chants. The manta and mudra together keep me focused, my mind usually wanders alot during meditation. Many thanks for sharing!