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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What are you?

You are a Christian because you believe in Jesus, you are a Jew because you believe in all the prophets including Moses. You are a Muslim because you believe in Muhammad as a prophet, and you are a Sufi because you believe in the universal teaching of God's love. You are really none of those, but you are all of the those because you believe in God. And once you believe in God there is no religion. Once you divide yourself off with religions, you are separated from your fellowman.
- Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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  1. ..there is only One Truth.
    this is fact. fact needs no belief. Truth is beyond belief, faith, hope. it is. it is knowledge. it is lived. can believe that a red apple is a purple orange, but this does not make it Truth. a man may hope to become a female shark, but this does not make it Truth. a woman may have faith that her heart will beat forever, but this does not make it Truth.

    so many lose themselves in the various structures of beliefs, and meanwhile never glimpse the Cosmic Structure of Truth nor the Truthful Structure of the Cosmos.
    ...the same "God" of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, Buddhism, Ifa, and is the same "God" of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, the same "God" of the unseen and unknown planets and moons of infinitely distant galaxies and star systems...we are all distinct manifestations of the same, single, Self-Created Creator, the OneBeing which IS the Cosmos, who IS "God"

    only Truth is Truth. only Truth is. only is is is.