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Friday, September 11, 2015

Karma is a bitch...

Karma is a bitch and she will serve up the retribution accordingly. At times, she can be brutal but mostly she's a nagging bitch. The kind that is constantly reminding you that its time to make serious changes in your life...or else! We are the sum of our karma, the culmination of our deeds and works from past lives and this life time. Try to not a think of karma as a punishment but rather a debt you arrived with, forgot about, and must work off. Karma "IS." And is not good or bad. If we remain emotionally neutral towards it yet remain spiritually active in the burning of it, we will eventually be freed from it. (TAKE NOTE: Neutrality is the key to freedom. Neutrality is achieved through detachment. Detachment is achieved through meditation). Through Kundalini Yoga, we learn to accept responsibility for the current state of our life and demonstrate to the Universe (God) that we are willing to do the work to heal ourselves. It is the union of one's Self with the Most High that makes healing possible. And by healing ourselves, we heal the world around us. Through deep practice, one recognizes that one has the ability to co-create one's life with grace and conscious action. That doesn't mean life is easy and not without it's difficult lessons. Self-realization is not about getting what you want, it's about getting what you need in order to learn your lessons, evolve, and ascend. If you maintain the grace needed to see what God sees, and proceed accordingly, through the purification process of burning one's karma, one discovers one's purpose in life, dharma, which is the purpose of karma.  

We each arrive on this plane with a unique gift or mission to complete. The reason why we have incarnated is to get closer to this self-realization. Sometimes it takes a many incarnations for us to discover what our dharma actually is. But essentially, dharma is how we serve humanity and how we make the planet better than it was than when we arrived. It does not necessarily mean becoming an ascetic and/or living a life of austere religiousity or spirituality. It can be through the creation of art, music, through being a caretaker, a teacher, or even by being a social justice warrior. Ask yourself: How am I a bridge that takes humanity from one state of being to another higher state of being? How do I raise the vibration of the planet? How am I a catharsis for the healing of others? Humanity could be one person. Or it could be humanity in its entirety. The best way to get clarity in this regard is through daily meditation.


From the Holy Quran, Surah 5 verse 32: ...if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind.” 

Sat Nam...Shalom...Salaam.

Mama Luz

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